Lun-Yi Tsai
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What do you get when you combine math with painting? Lun-Yi Tsai.
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♪ Painting as much as Pythagoras paints? ♫
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He's a really nice guy---I attended a workshop with him a couple of years ago (Viewpoints: Math and Art, at Franklin & Marshall College). He gave a very interesting presentation.

At the time, he was in Seattle, and had done some collaboration with some of the professors in the math department at the University of Washington; my fuzzy recollection is that he went and interviewed whoever it was for a while about their research, and then created a painting based on the discussion with some revision based on more discussions. I don't remember if the painting appeared in an article of the professor's or not.
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If you like Mathematical art, this music video is pretty awesome.
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That was my idea!
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I read that as meth. Painting were not as expected.
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It's pretty clear what's going on mathematically in the first five links, not so much in the last link. I think all the paintings in the last link depict level surfaces for real-valued quadrics of three variables (e.g. a family of hyperboloids).
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Well if you're going to talk math and art, you need to go 3D and talk about Helaman Ferguson and Bathsheba.
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Site's down for me.
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Having read this post as "meth" and "painting," I figured that the answer would be that the painting would get done really, really fast.

My bad.
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< gunshy-pedantry > all painting is maths. < formal left/right mindgrapes interaction or'not/>

Very much a fan of the "with" links' piece, great set of art!

In theory, an ontology is a "formal, explicit specification of a shared conceptualisation"- Is this artist creating an ontology? Seems so to me.
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ooo, drawings, and Gadgets are excellent galleries on the site as well, these pieces seem to at times have a feeling almost of gesture drawing, but then you continue to examine it, and you see layers of symmetry, and geometry, an underlying mathematical purity that I in no way understand, but can feel nonetheless, it is a fully articulated artistic expression of mathematical passion... many things at once for sure. Many deeper links to explore.
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very cool!
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Bart.....Is that you?
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