Friday Flash Fun : Words Fail Me.
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Friday Fun, this time it's.. err... REPLAYING: The Game. Including such classics as Sarah Palin: The Game, Cultural Imperialism: The Game, AIG Bailouts: The Game and Many Many More.

Originally from Newsgrounds. Some games are in poor taste.
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I don't feel like sitting through the commercial, could you give some idea of what it's about?
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Microgame vignettes that juxtapose slapstick violence with philosophy, internet memes, current events, Shakespeare and more.

One game might have you playing Sigmund Freud, where another will have you playing Ben Bernanke as a helicopter, flying over a small village dropping money, while Ron Paul descends in his google mothership to attack you.

It's less about the game-design aspects and more about the individual vignettes. Although 1-2 are in fairly poor taste, as a whole I thought it was hugely entertaining.
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Thanks, y'all. I just lost the game.
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Thanks, y'all. I just lost the game.
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Flagged for making everyone lose the game.
(That is a flag option, right?)
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Such a strange game, the only way to win seems not to play.
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I'm not clever enough to play this.
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Michael Moore has been hitting me with bowling balls for five minutes, but he doesn't seem to be doing any damage.

It's no Wario-Ware, that's for sure.
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Is my browser busted or when it says "Press SPACE to start" is it not being serious?
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You might have to first click on something inside the flash, GuyZero.

Alsp, protip: Jump off the platform.
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I tried to make a mefi version, but it was dumb.
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Well. That was certainly uh...


The Best of The Web

No, not that.




Not really....



*looks at FPP title....*

Yeah, let's go with that.
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Well I liked it. It was glitchy (got stuck on that stupid Michael Moore one three times in a row) but thankfully I realized you can skip to one level beyond your last place. The viral video loop was fun.
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man, this is really internet...
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Imagine a game that's takes the best parts of a story rich adventure game like Fall Out 3, knits that together seamlessly with resource allocation games like Civilization, adds the real time strategy of games like Starcraft, the puzzle solving aspects of Myst and the action of Halo.

OK, now imagine you take what's left, grind it up and shove it into a side scroller with lots of bad puns, cheesy sight gags and sarcastic social commentary. Sort of like how pet food is made. This is that game.

I was amused.
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I enjoyed the part where you played as Cho Seung-Hui and shot up Virginia Tech.

Hmm... actually, no, that's when I stopped playing.
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The string of Hamlet puns was pretty funny.
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This is like the video game equivalent of a bad editorial cartoon, with every metaphor helpfully labelled and no real point made beyond "the creator sure doesn't like some aspects of government/society/whatever!"

I'm sure he giggled like a fiend while making it, though, so he should be happy.
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Thanks for making me hate the internet. Bastard.
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This game is epic .. re-epic!
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