Stray dogs in Moscow.
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The terrier was sporting a new green camouflage jacket as he walked with his owner through the crowded Mendeleyevskaya metro station. There they encountered Malchik, a black stray who had made the station his home, guarding it against drunks and other dogs. Malchik barked at the pair, defending his territory. But instead of walking away, Romanova reached into her pink rucksack, pulled out a kitchen knife and, in front of rush-hour commuters, stabbed Malchik to death. I found this to be a very interesting story about the the evolution of stray dogs in Moscow.
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Damn it.
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no children are gonna be crying when this puppy thread is put to sleep.
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Speak for yourself. I'm sobbing like a baby.
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IME Armenian street dogs are 10X smarter than my yellow lab.
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I'm barking up the wrong thread here.
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Let sleeping dogs lie.
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I cannot believe the FPP did not point out that the linked article discusses stray dogs figuring out how to use a city's Metro system. They're goddamn public transit users. Dogs, riding the fucking subway. And all I can think about is all those Sci-Fi settings where humans are running around using wormholes built by The Originators or whatever that author wanted to call the unfathomable super-aliens from the dawn of time...
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What an amazing article. Somehow very Russian.
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