The 46 Dumpling Picture, and other photography from Damon Winter
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Damon Winter is a photojournalist who has worked for The Dallas Morning News, The Los Angeles Times and now works for The New York Times. His work on a more sports-focused beat in Dallas lead to his update on athletes from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics as part of the 2008 Olympics coverage. As a photographer with The New York Times, he won the 2009 Pulitzer Prize for feature photography, for his first time out on the road, covering campaigns (narrated slideshow, 3min 19sec). Currently, he is sharing his photos and writing from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, which are included in NY Times Lens Blog (prev. Lens Blog features: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). If that's a bit heavy, check his photographers journal (narrated slide show, 2min 34sec) and his article on creating double-exposure juxtapositions from days or weeks of shooting large-form film. posted by filthy light thief (6 comments total) 6 users marked this as a favorite
Great post, thanks, flt. I was feeling bummed after the election in my home state last night so it was nice to see all the Obama photos in the Pulitzer Prize and the campaign links and remember all that optimism. Beautiful work.

Plus his Haiti stuff is very moving. Bookmarked to explore more later.
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stellar post. thank you very much.
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Glad to see this end up here. Winter's one of the best working right now, and his reporting from Haiti is top notch. To be fair, that link about "inexperience" talks about his never having covered a presidential campaign before, rather than inexperience as a photojournalist. In all of his coverage, Winter brings fresh eyes to his journalism, and it's great to see, especially as publications turn more and more to wire services as news budgets shrink.
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msbrauer - thanks for the clarification. That is a good point - he's been doing photojournalism for a long time, but usually with a very personal take, unlike the almost stock shots of political events that are the norm.
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Here's an interview from November 2009 that a friend of mine did with Winter for Too Much Chocolate, by the way.
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msbrauer - I buried that link in there, with the text "a more sports-focused beat in Dallas." I was thinking of how to reference the fact it was an interview, but I gave up and just made it really vague.
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