2009 Hungarian Press Photography Awards
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The 2009 Hungarian Press Photography Awards have been announced. The overall winner is a stunning series of Roma (Gypsy) grieving by the Hungarian photographer Béla Szandelszky. My favorite is the one of three woman grieving. The site is in Hungarian but Google translate does a reasonable job (to English anyway). And of course there is the inevitable Flash navigation to come to grips with. All the photos demonstrate that the rich tradition of Hungarian photography that includes André Kertész, Robert Capa, László Moholy Nagy and Marton Munkascsi to name but a few of the greatest photographers of last century, is very much alive and well.
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I don't what it is with Hungarian photographers - there have been so many real geniuses of the genre from Hungary, especially in relation to the fairly small population of the country. I saw the Capa exhibit in Budapest this summer, and it was exquisite.

I've got to link to one of Andre Kertész's best early photos, of two Romani children, taken near Esztergom in 1917, since with Szandelszky's award, it comes close to marking a century of great Hungarian ethnophotography.
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Is self-linking inside the friendly confines of MeFi cool, or am I looking at a ban? No? Good, I'll go ahead and update my yearly warning with 2010.

Sorry I missed aught eight and aught nine, but these are heady times.
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Doh, I did get 2008 in there. I was gone for a year.
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Laszlo Pusztai's site has a lot of good things. Like this handsome fellow.
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These are incredible, thank you for finding them. Myself I'm most amazed by the shot with the earring - pure serendipity, but it says so much.
The orphanage pictures are also beautiful and moving - you want to be one of those kids!
And I think it says something really good about the country (or perhaps, the awards jury?) that the winning press photos aren't of sensational, dramatic events but instead just talk about the simple pleasures, and sorrows, of life.
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Google must love Metafilter
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Wow, Béla Szandelszky's site has some great picture series. Too bad I can't link to them directly (curse you Flash) but Plucked and Virgin Mary Cult have some wonderful images. Thanks for the interesting post.
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I love the theater set by Reviczky Zsolt. Thank you for sharing!
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Great link. I would've missed it, otherwise. The orphanage series is lovely.
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Great. Thank you very much.
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Photographers who use flash-navigation on their sites will find themselves steambathing in the coolest level of hell.*

* Assuming their lives were otherwise blameless.
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