Hey! Keep your eyes ON my chest, buddy!
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On the one hand, it ensures slow dancin' teens keep a safe distance apart. On the other, well, there's the sightline issue. Will it give geeks the nerve to dance with a partner? Covert Athletics presents Pong Prom. Can literally gettin' it on like Donkey Kong be next?
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An accelerometer attached at the back of the neck allows each player to control their game paddle by rocking their partner back and forth.

Why does it suddenly feel like I'm watching the edited-for-tv version of a hardcore porn shoot?
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If the game is displayed on the hoodie, I think what it ensures is that boobies are gonna get stared at.
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Pong Prom is an art project designed to produce an experience which is at once competitive and collaborative.

I think it works better as a cynical statement about how even the most human interactions can no longer be had without the mediation of electronics. In the form of a videogame! And they don't even look at each other's faces!
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I think you could actually sell that, Burhanistan.
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DU: And they don't even look at each other's faces!

As a caterer who every prom season puts on his Shirley Templetron 3000 hat to dispense grenadine & HFCS solution to the children, I can assure you these days the kids don't look each other in the eye when the gals are waxing their dance partners laps with their butts, or as I like to call it, "dancing doggy-style".

Must say, It is rather fun to clue the parents into which songs are about ecstasy, how the Skeet, skeet, skeet references aren't about shotgun sports, and what the Superman line is referring to. Gives them something to think about while they watch their kids dance. ;-)
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The couple ... communicate soley via SMS.

"You're standing on my foot."
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I'm mortified by the lack of freak dancing and fun this might encourage proto-sexuals to enjoy. Respect to the follow through but a bit of physical contact is most of the fun of the pre-majority dances. I may just be a nostalgic perv who would rather play New Super Mario Bros than Pong Prom, though.
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Finally, someone has figured out how to make dancing fun.
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Uncanny. I ran into the creator of this project in front of an electronics hobbyist store less than a week ago. I very nearly sent him this link before realizing it was his. Initially, I was dismayed that someone else had just finished almost exactly what I knew he had been working on.
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Heh. I recall being in the exact same pose at my first preteen dance. The locked arms and partner at a distance being due to nerves, not anything showing on her sweater.

Come to think, the sweater may have had something to do with the pose.
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Am I the only one who thinks this looks kind of fun? And would have appreciated a distraction from my absolute terror at school dances?
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