"it is an unusual shark in that it has a spiral dentition."
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Meet Edestus Giganteus and Helicoprion. The Edestidae family of sharks had a single row of teeth in the upper and lower jaws, creating, in effect, a scissors. Helicoprion's teeth grew in a buzz-saw shaped whorl in the lower jaw! Both sharks are known only from their fossil teeth, leading to mystery and detective work.

Nature is awesome.
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oh also bonus:

- excellent sciencey drawings from Ray Troll, including great shark illustrations and the Evolvovision
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peachfuzz: "Nature is awesome. "

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I'm not understanding the evolutionary advantage in that tooth placement; it suggests to me that the shark is trying to trap live prey in its throat instead of chewing it to death. Unless its for gripping friggen lasers (you know every other shark modeled in the current era has a duplicate depiction with friggen lasers on its head).
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Is it just me, or does "Helicoprion" sound like something that would fly over our heads, dropping loads of diseased poo on everyone?
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I saw one display on Helicoprion at the Field Museum in Chicago a couple years back; it blew my mind to the point that every so often I just try looking it up online again just to look at it and go "kewl."

Coincidentally yesterday was one such instance.
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This is so awesome I can't even believe it. Thanks for the post.
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Yeah. This post deserves more comments and more faves. Then again, I'm partial to paleo posts.
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Ahh, brundlefly, I think it was the terrible during-the-iPad-presser timing. Thanks, though!

I was so astonished when I saw Helicoprion's jaw for the first time. The craziest part is, the teeth at the inside of the whorl are the oldest ones - old teeth don't get pushed out, like with modern sharks. It's basically a giant ingrown toenail. WTF, evolution?
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You know, every so often I look at a monster, say, from Pikachu, or 50's monster movies, or some kid's imagination, and think, "Geesh! How stupid! Like that thing could exist... Physically impossible; evolutionarily unachievable; too heavy/lopsided/fragile/purple."

And then I see some new abomination from deep undersea, or the ancient past, and suddenly a spinning, flying, jet-powered, intelligent Gamera doesn't seem quite so unrealistic after all.
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