Ballardian/Savoy Microfiction competition
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Last November, [previously] announced a Microfiction Competition in order to promote a series of interviews concerning Savoy Books. They have now announced the winners.
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Oh, this is very nice, thanks.
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Oh fun, I want to try.


"All of a sudden: toilet baby."
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Hunched in a city of desperate architecture, I pick at my teeth. Idly at first and then, as I find more and more, with something approaching vigour.


Daydreaming stupidly of being an invincible robot, I bump into somebody in the street. Something falls out of their hands, and they let out a little yelp. I keep walking, emotionless like a golem. Dedicated to my mission.


Watching from some wet alcove, I see a person almost run over by an emormous truck. The truck skids to a halt on the streets dark with rain, the driver leaning on the horn, furious. I am chewing on a cheap pen, and it bursts into my mouth. Happily nobody notices, thanks to the thing with the truck.
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The standard of the winning stories is extremely high. And I'm not just saying that because I got an honourable mention. ("Live-Work".)
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You're right, these are fun!

"Locked in the highest oriel of an evil magician’s castle, I use afternoon siesta to make good my escape. All of the sheets are with the maid so I have no choice but to tie one end of my intestine tightly around a bed leg, gradually unspooling the rest as I lower myself to the ground. Halfway down I discover that I haven’t enough guts to make it all the way and I try to use my arms to haul myself back up but lack the necessary strength and so I just dangle there at the end of myself, bouncing softly against the castle wall."
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