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TweetCatcha visualizes the tweets resulting from the latest news articles that appeared during the last 24 hours on the New York Times website. Pretty amazing for student work. See TweetCatcha in action (warning: it takes a bit of time to load). While it's loading, here is the creator's blog post describing it.
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Wow, I know these people and was in the class where this was prototyped last semester! Great job Bruce and Nick!
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Yet another flash interface that places pretty above functional? The "List View" tab seems to be a sop to browsing, but it's very much an after-thought.

Does show just how uninteresting Twitter commentary is, though.
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Note that for some reason the "in action" link brings up a "live" view of November 18 tweets and stories. You need to use the Change Date tab to bring up a more recent timeframe.
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Please type the words exactly as they appear in the box.

| Am really diggging the new Spoon album. Yeah! |


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But why are all the sperm swimming away from the egg?
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Very shiny.
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Pretty...could make a really good aggregate data interface for all sorts of stuff if it was real time. Financial or marketing stuff, maybe, for in ponzi scheme con artists, Wall street investors.

Anyhow, Tufte disciples everywhere will have geek-gasms.
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Ooh, shiny.

But it’s slow to the point of being unusable. And it doesn't have a particularly interesting set of data — it seems NYT articles don’t really generate tweets beyond “here’s a new article”.
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I think that this is a very nice piece of work, and a nice visualization (at least aesthetically). But the content it displays and allows the user to analyze is underwhelming. People tweet about the NYT, a little, and a few hours after the article is published. That's not news. And it's not possible to see the trends comparing which articles (or article categories, such as say, International versus NY Metro vs Sports) are more quickly tweeted. Or that might be tweeted more frequently.

Still, way to go visualizations!
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