Ruby Hunter
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We were supposed to really actually forget about that lifestyle. But it'd come back to me in song.
Ruby Hunter, award winning songwriter, has died.
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This makes me really sad. She was a lovely person.
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Born in 1955, Hunter was a member of the Stolen Generations. She was forcibly removed from her family at the age of eight.

A Ngarrindjeri woman from South Australia, she met her lifelong partner and musical soul mate Archie Roach when she was 16. Both were homeless teenagers at the time.

Roach and Hunter have been described as singing/songwriting team of extraordinary spirit.

Their music took them around the world. They have sung alongside musical greats Tracy Chapman, Paul Kelly and Bob Dylan.

Hunter was the first Indigenous woman to be signed to a major record label.

She went on to be nominated for two ARIA Awards - best indigenous release and best blues and roots album.
Travel well Ruby
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Just heard a very thorough & moving tribute to her on ABC 774. She was described as a "knowledge keeper". I hope it will become available via their website as a podcast.

Deepest condolences to Archie Roach & their sons.
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She was a wonderful woman and a great singer.

I remember when I first saw Ruby with Archie and their then guitarist Dave Arden. It was at a sound check and there was this tiny woman with a tambourine wandering around while Archie got his levels. Then he took off his guitar - an enormous Maton - and shortened the strap to an almost comic length. She put it on and its neck seemed longer than she was tall. Then she sang. Chris Wilson used to say that whereas he reached out for the audience, Archie drew them in. Ruby just filled the room. Partly it was her low, round voice. But mainly it was her presence.

She was Auntie to so many people she only just met and she was very generous with her strength and wisdom. And sometimes people would get to see the carefree cheeky lass in her and that was powerful too.

She will be missed, but she has left a lot behind.
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