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My Father's Garden brings you up close and personal with some truly magnificent garden creatures. (video short, 6:37)
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This made me miss playing Pikmin. I think the lesson to learn from this is that I really need to go hiking, like, last week if possible. Anyway, this was a surprisingly narrative piece of the new genre of internet shorts I've titled "look at my cool camera and my neato macro skills, now with more sound effects!" all of which I almost universally enjoy. There was maybe a bit too much spider for my tastes, but all in all it was beautiful, and had a beat I could dance to.
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Another of Mirko Faienza's films, Le Gaite, is quite charming. Every year in the center of Italy, there is a little town that goes back for ten days to the 13th century. During these ten days the town is divided in four neighborhoods. They will dress, eat, speak and build things just as it was.
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Wow, I was really bummed when that ended. I could've watched it all night...Beautiful.

Awesome post as usual, mjjj.
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What wonderful things to behold. Thanks for posting.
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Such talent. He manages to hang it all on a basic story (which reminds me of really old Disney animated shorts for some reason) and the music feels almost tailor made for the images. The patience that must have been required for those shots would be something else too. The colours are so vivid. Everything about it is incredible. Thanks for posting that.
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I'm glad we don't live in a world where the praying mantis is 500% percent larger.
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Wow, I was really bummed when that ended. I could've watched it all night...Beautiful.

Me too! I never wanted it to end.

Thanks for posting.
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That was so lovely, it salvaged an otherwise pretty meh day. Wow. Thanks so much, mjjj!
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I just can't get over how gorgeous this is.
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Great post, really cheered me up!
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I am impressed not just by the visual deliciousness, but by the anima he injects into the inanimate and personality he lends to creatures usually considered to be quite lowly.

Also, I've always been somewhat nearsighted, and in my forties I find that my close-up vision is failing me as well. So in addition to being delighted by the beauty of his vision, I kept thinking about how even though I've got a similar garden in my very own backyard, I could never "see" it in this way it without the filmmaker's help. So I'm grateful for that!
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That was so worth seeing.
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