The Divine Comedy (Milla Jovovich, Austin, Texas 1994)
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The Alien Song (for those who listen) Austin, Texas 1994

Milla Jovovich, Austin, Texas, 1994.

Gentlemen Who Fell

It's Your Life

Bang Your Head



Come as You Like

Strange Behavior

Can You Bend Your Back Like This?

You Did It All Before

Recent musical activities include singing on Maynard James Keenan's side project, Puscifer, as well as posting her demos [c.f. Diving Up (mp3)] for listeners to download and remix.
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I will freely admit that for a while there after The Fifth Element came out I became smitten with her and bought this CD.
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So I was singing rip-offs of popular songs in Austin one day when the Ultimate Hustler appeared and said "Damn girl I thought that noise only worked against insurgents, not zombies." Flustered, I managed to just barely keep my composure until he said "Plus you talk and sing like Amy Lee after a tour sponsored by Phen-Fen." I was confused and upset and managed to just finish the final verse. As I walked off stage, hurring toward my dressing room, the Ultimate Hustler's maniacal grin filled a half-cab amp and he whispered "But at least the Beatles wrote Rocky Racoon about your make-up. Save that shit for George Zimmer, he just cut Ashlee Simpson out of his will. I guarantee it."

The next day, I found a note written in dried gin and juice on sandalwood-scented stationery.

Your backing band is the biggest bunch of bustas I've seen since Nu Shooz played Boca Raton. Tell them to keep the name "Puddle of Mudd" lest they rise any higher than getting teabagged by KROQ's morning guy.
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I've always loved her cover of "Satellite of Love" with U2 (billed as the Million Dollar Hotel Band).

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Oh man, Liberty Lunch. I fucking LOVED that club, it was my favorite music venue ever. They tore it down to build this dumb-ass little pre fab shopping area that everyone hates.
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There used to be a homeless shelter across the street, too, and the homeless dudes would watch your car for a couple bucks or some cigarettes. It was the best parking downtown unless someone offered you crack.
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Also, Puscifer is probably better described as a "long running joke" than a "side project". The only thing they've put out that I'm aware of, unless they've released more recently, was that joke country song about fucking country singers ("I fucked the cast of Hee Haw, I fucked Glen Campbell, fucked him on a see-saw").
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I miss Liberty Lunch. A lot. For all my Austin hate, that was one place worthy of nothing but love. Painful, slammed to the floor, teeth through the lip love.
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I listened to Divine Comedy enough times when I first got it that I think I still know all the lyrics now, even though I lost my CD in a move a few years ago. Weird, lovely album.
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The new Puscifer is good. Maynard is god.
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Man, I know we are supposed to have a hate-on for famous folks dabbling in music. But I just don't care. More power to Jovovich and Johansson following their desires, even if the only reason they can do it is because they are famous.
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Oh man. RIP, Liberty Lunch. I loved this venue with all my heart. Passed out in front of the stage monitors at an Agony Column show once.
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I was a kid when this album came out, and I had no idea Milla Jovovich was a model. But I heard "Gentlemen Who Fell" on ye olde MTV, and I developed a longing for this album that I thought would never be quenched. No one else in my life seemed to know this album existed, and I never saw a review. I just caught the video on MTV, probably less than half a dozen times.

My mother was a member of one of those infernal music clubs, that were all "GET 10 ALBUMS FOR JUST ONE PENNY WHEN YOU SIGN UP! TAPE PENNY HERE!" When she signed with her penny, she told me that she would buy one CD, and gave me the flier to scan. I picked out The Divine Comedy. When our order came, there was a note saying that The Divine Comedy was out of stock, and not coming back IN stock. Okay. Crap.

A few years later, I was in an used bookstore with my boyfriend at the time. We were both 15. And what did I come across, but ... The Divine Comedy! I had no money with me, so my boyfriend said he would buy it for me, and I could pay it back when he dropped me off. Then he listened to the album in the car, and said, "Sorry, I'm keeping this!" INFURIATING.

As an adult, I finally got a copy. I don't listen to it very often, because I'm becoming one of those unfortunate oldsters who never has time to pay attention to an album. But it remains one of the few albums I have that I have not get at ALL damaged. I haven't even allowed those damned plastic tabs on the cd case tear the booklet, as they're so wont to do. God, no. Not after I fought this damned long for the album.

PS: I also like it!
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I saw her play most of the of the songs off a "The Divine Comedy' at Zephyrfest in NOLA in 1994. I've been in love with her ever since. Even after seeing her in the Resident Evil movies. Now that's some serious love!
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No sleep and fat fingers makes white_devil a very poor typist and proof reader.
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Oh man. RIP, Liberty Lunch. I loved this venue with all my heart. Passed out in front of the stage monitors at an Agony Column show once.

When? I might have seen you.

Liberty Lunch is gone, the Hole in the Wall is gone, the Electric Lounge is gone, the Cactus may be gone soon, Antone's moved to some weird place downtown (and is probably gone by now, too, shit, I don't know...) Not to mention non-venue things, like Las Minitas and the Texas Observer.

I'd come back to visit, but I'd be looking around the whole time, saying, "OK, where are we and what have you done with Austin? Listen, I've been to Austin. I lived in Austin. And this place.. this ain't Austin."
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needs more grace jones :P j/k!
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