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Seven artists and their twitter streams.
Jeremiah Ketnet, Colin Johnson, Jason Limon, Dan May, Julie West, Kill Taupe, and Jonathan Bergeron. (many via)
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Colin Johnson's stuff was pretty cool.
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fixedgear: "delmoihatestwitter?"

I read it as an evil eye type charm against threadshitting.
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What I liked about this grouping of individuals is that each has a unique style, but I still find their overall body of work to be similar. They all speak to the same part of my head that makes me realize there are other people out there that like the grotesque and the beautiful.

I also like that each is on twitter. You can drop any of them a "Hey," without having to dig through 9 layers of contact info and wondering if your message was ever received.
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Seven artists illustrators and their twitter streams.

These are two different jobs that require different skill-sets, are guided by different motivations, and are subject to different criteria for assessment.
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Eh, one man's illustration is another man's art. I did think of calling them that, but honestly, several of these people also have fine art sections, and at least two do sculpture and/or toy making.

I work with illustrators on a regular basis and I have friends that are artists. Most of the illustrators would consider themselves to be artists.
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