Great. Blue. Hole.
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"Surrounded by darker, deeper ocean waters, coral atolls often glow in vibrant hues of turquoise, teal, peacock blue, or aquamarine. Belize's Lighthouse Reef Atoll fits this description, with its shallow waters covering light-colored coral: the combination of water and pale corals creates varying shades of blue-green. Within this small sea of light colors, however, lies a giant circle of deep blue. Roughly 300 meters (1,000 feet) across and 125 meters (400 feet) deep, the feature is known as the Great Blue Hole." (Massive NASA image of the atoll).

"The Great Blue Hole — the world’s largest blue hole — is ... a small atoll 60 miles (96 kilometers) east of the Belize mainland. The hole is near perfectly circular in shape ..."

Unfortunately high-resolution images are few; this one is so-so.

Also, previously at AskMeFi.
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Throw a little orange into that teal and you might have a hit.
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Throw a little orange into that teal and you might have a hit.

That's a FPP in its own right.
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I love this. Thank you for sharing it!
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It's a belly button. Dive deep enough and you find fluff.
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Dive deep enough and you find fluff.

Not 'arf...
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Climb inside my belly button...
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It's a belly button. Dive deep enough and you find fluff.

Or the keys to your truck.
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Rather have a belly button than a Goatsee going on.
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This is pretty high on my list of places I want to see. Maybe it's time to take that refresher course.
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This just creeps me out.
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MetaFilter: great blue hole
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That's a FPP in its own right.


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Nova did an episode on blue hole diving, where they visited several similar formations in the Bahamas. None are as impressive from space, but all look spectacular from inside.
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Some photos on Flickr.
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You might not be thinking it, but don't tell me you wouldn't wanna see it (from a distance).
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I was very close to signing up for a dive trip there, from Caye Caulker, but chickened out at the last minute -- it was an overnight boat trip and it wasn't cheap either. I knew I'd come to regret my lameness.
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I don't understand this image from the third link. It looks like the guy in the photo is in a cave, but only submerged up to his thighs. Where is he and what does that place have to do with the blue hole?
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The thing about diving the Blue Hole, at least recreationally, is that it's simultaneously a bit nerve-wracking and quite dull.

Technical divers, like the writer of the third link, have special equipment and training so that they can go deep and stay down longer (they actually have to stay down longer to do decompression stops). The maximum depth for recreational scuba divers is 130 feet for safety reasons, and at that depth you can only stay for a few minutes. At our pre-dive briefing the divemasters were very clear that if one of us wandered off and went below the 130-foot threshold, they would not come to get us and put their own lives at risk. Actually our divemasters were very nice, very dedicated people and I suspect they would have tried to help if there'd been a real problem, but their point was that we couldn't count on them to protect us from our own stupidity. So there's a very narrow time and depth window to explore the Blue Hole -- I was in the water for 32 minutes, and at least half of that was at the shallower depths on the rim of the sinkhole, not the sinkhole itself. (Your average recreational dive is 40+ minutes.)

Occasional sharks aside, there's no life in the sinkhole itself other than the algae/seaweed growing on the rock. It's almost featureless apart from the (very cool) stalactites, which makes it hard to judge how fast you're dropping, and there aren't a lot of those until you get quite deep anyway -- say a hundred feet, give or take. Except once you get down there it's chilly, dark, and the visibility is terrible. The photos in the second Flickr set linked above show the murkiness pretty well, and remember that dive photographers bring powerful lighting with them so that all their subjects don't come out dim and gray/brownish. Imagine photos like this or this without the strobe lights, and you'll start to get an idea. So rather than enjoying the scenery you're constantly tracking your barely-visible dive buddies and watching your depth gauge (and in my case trying not to get snagged on a stalactite) because if you lose track of either, you could be in serious, serious trouble.

People dive the Great Blue Hole more because of the minor bragging rights than anything else. Our divemasters even told us that it was kind of a boring dive and they were only taking us so we could say we'd done it; one of us was making his second dive there and he told me before we went in that he was only going because it was better than sitting on the boat waiting for us to come back. To put it more charitably, it's one of those dives that has more value in having done it and having the experience to talk about than because it's an interesting dive in and of itself.

Which isn't to say that I didn't enjoy myself, but given the choice between diving the Blue Hole again or revisiting any of the other twelve dive sites I visited in Belize, I'd choose the other site.
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Yeah, I'd heard some of that, bettafish, which is why we stayed around Caulker. The diving and snorkeling there were pretty fantastic, too -- but no bragging rights!
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My father had dive buddies who knew Cousteau way back in the day who claimed Cousteau once dynamited a pass in the reef so the Calypso could pass through into the Blue Hole. I don't know if it is true but that is what he said when Lighthouse Reef came up in conversation. Back when it was British Honduras, not yet Belize.
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Bettafish's comment makes me feel kinda shitty since I'm going to Belize in two days and one of the things I'm doing is diving the Blue Hole. I'm definitely a recreational diver. I only got my certifcation yesterday. Oh well.
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Oh hey! That last link is me. Neat.
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Runcible, I don't think it's a bad dive, just overhyped. Screw what I say, though, go enjoy yourself!
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