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Atta Kim is a photographer and videographer. His website doesn't allow deep linking, however the Superimposition (some NSFW) and Deconstruction (likewise) series are a good start.
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Worst. Flash. Interface. Ever.
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Ugh, I hate flash so much.
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But truly good photos. I don't see the need to hide them inside of that mess though.
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As the artist's website is a barely-useable Flash disaster, here is a Google Image search for "atta kim", and a link to The Museum Project, with an interview.
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The Flash interface is terrible, isn't loading more than the first three photos for me, and lays out the info text to the left of the edge of the browser frame (thus I cannot read it).

If you want to be on the web, be on the web and make an HTML page. If you want to make masturbatory flash apps with unusable, inaccessible, unlinkable interfaces, go somewhere else. I don't care where.

This is not The Best Of The Web because it isn't on the web, it's in an unloadable puzzle box.
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(And I didn't even post Kim Holtermand's site because I thought the flash there was too obnoxious.
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Ok, I take my earlier comment back. Kim Holtermand's is even worse. Well, it looks like it should be better, but it usurps the crown by not working at all.
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Yeah, I'm usually dismissive of complaints about Flash sites, but holy crap this is awful.
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More on Kim.
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This is like putting fliers on cars in a parking lot, but writing the words in Klingon. Unfortunately, it's symptomatic of lots of artists/photographers I know. They refuse to let their work speak for itself and feel compelled to embed it within a totally unusable interface. Throw in their ridiculous attempts to prevent people from "stealing" their images and they end up sabotaging their own publicity.
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The flash wouldn't be so bad if the loading wasn't so slow.

But it is.

Very, very slow.
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Firefox prevented this site from opening a pop-up window.
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The pop-up is just a flyer for his latest show.
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Oh holy Jesus fuck this. Don't post this to Metafilter, post it to the Internet Interpol. This is a compete disaster.
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Atta Kim, and Atta Kim lookalikes, do you see how your shitty Flash decisions redound on your art and your audience?
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I like the images int he Portrait series quite a bit, but had to give up, as everyone alludes to the interface is toothache bad.
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Maybe this is borrowed-laptop throwing me out of the loading context of my fellow man, but it really didn't take that long to load for me, and while the interface is annoying, the images were still worth it.
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If the images are worth it, copy them and post them on a real website and link to that.

Linking to crap Flash like this just makes enemies. Why are perceptive photographers so incredibly dense about this?
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The galleries don't work at all for me using Chrome on Windows XP.

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Shit, and all this time I thought our internet service was crapping out again.

It's just another masturbatory flashfucking photographer site. Yay.
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Webdesigners who can rescue photographers and other visual artists from this kind of suicide webdesign, post your qualifications here!
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I'm getting about 10 seconds of load time between each picture. Sorry klang, your artist posts are usually worth it, but I've got beds to sleep in.
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It's weird how people feel that a stranger's poor website design is a personal insult to them. "What, you're going to make it kind of difficult for me to see your work? Well FUCK YOU then, stupid hipster"
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I'm not personally insulted. It is just mind-boggling to see this happen.
Here, you have a guy who is a REALLY FUCKING TALENTED photographer, with a ton of amazing work that he wishes to put online.

So he goes out, purchases Flash, and no doubt, spends a lot of time creating... something that is actively hindering people seeing his work.

He'd do better to drop all the images in a fucking empty directory, and let us navigate an autogenerated Apache "Index Of" page.
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You can make a Flash interface that's usable. Simpleviewer isn't so bad, for example. I'd prefer HTML, but it's not a disaster. This kind of thing, however, is... well, it's not good.
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I think our collective HURF DURF about these flash sites comes from the cognitive dissonance between a message (look at my meaningful, nuanced cultural statement) and its technological medium (a pimped out 1999 Honda Civic up on cinderblocks), coupled with the knowledge that it's actually really easy to do better.
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OK, I loaded up IE 6 and dang, I do like this dude's work. The first image in Deconstruction is very visceral. It's impossible not to imagine myself in the scene.

His IP's in South Korea if that makes anyone feel any better about the site being slow as hell.
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Photography just doesn't do it for me.
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Seriously, this is a huge market, and webdesigners are complaining around the globe about no work.

Figure out how to confront artists like this about how dipshit their Flash websites are, and suggest a reasonably-priced alternative. You win, the artists win!
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Could you do that instead of complaining for a seventh time about the interface? I get it, we all get it. If you don't have anything else to say, maybe even about the work, how about you knock it off?
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I see Gillette hasn't tapped that market yet.
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Wow, weird bunch of hate for the Flash. I think it does well to present the photos in an environment that's a little bit more special than, say, a standardized Google Image Search thumbnails gallery. Does everyone hate art that concerns itself with its presentation? Or are you just frustrated because it's slow? Or just because you don't want to have to take the three seconds to explore a new interface?
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Is anybody else not getting color? They only appear as black and white in my browser.

Could you do that instead of complaining for a seventh time about the interface? I get it, we all get it. If you don't have anything else to say, maybe even about the work, how about you knock it off?

Let's see... they don't look photoshopped...
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I dont like the interface.

Or OPs modding the thread :)
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I give you a nice, clean, empty tab to load your craptacular interface, and what do you do? Open a new fucking window. You fucking idiot.
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At first view, I was thinking...I know photographers who never learn the web design skills to present their work to wider audiences, they could learn something from Kim. Then I endured flash fail--repeatedly--never could get to Superimposition or Deconstruction, so I can't talk much about the photography. The "Profiles" series was just average, so I wish I could have seen some of the others. By that time, I was thinking--simpler is better in an artist's website and Kim could learn a thing or three.

But--even though I know some folks have loaded Kim's photos without the annoying flash-fuck, I have about 15 seconds to decide whether to look or to move on. The bog-standard portraits made me move on.
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Maybe he's just running his server on a Commodore 64.
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...His pretentious Flash Application doesn't allow deep linking...

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Oh boy... composites of multiple photos.... I've done that before...

Anyone can do it, and do a better job of it. You need a digital camera, Hugin (which is open source) and a way to average the resulting frames.
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The problem is not flash. The problem is that you're all too impatient for the (way too large) images to load.
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