paul simon, me and julio...and some smaller friends
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Paul Simon, small peoples, gotta make ya smile "everybody can dance with me!"
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Much as I love Paul Simon, sometimes he can be kind of a tool. I mean, that girl was singing a perfectly excellent little jam, but he has to steamroll over her and sing his own tune.

Dick move, Paul. Dick move.
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Her lyrics were better. :)
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Smiling! Smiling here.

That is what my face is doing now.
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The girl's a metaphor for Los Lobos.
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This is one of my baby's favorite Sesame Street videos. It's even more fun to watch with a baby dancing along. He also really likes Tilly and the Wall singing the alphabet song.
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Holy mother of -- I actually remember watching that during its original broadcast.

I'm going to leave you another Sesame Street clip featuring Stevie Wonder to look at while I recover.
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Holy crap, the little singing girl and the dancing kids were just adorable.
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Found a Season 39 Highlights Reel for Sesame Street and this celebrity version of "Sing" in the sidebarred videos next to that one.

I keep toying with the idea of indexing some celebrity appearances on kids' shows into a post, like Yo Gabba Gabba! or Sesame Street. It seems like a pretty daunting project, though.
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This is awesome on so many levels. I wonder who that girl is and where she is now?
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ha ha someone already made the los lobos comment, but i still feel the need to take it to the absurd link i had planned to:

So, the little girl actually wrote Me and Julio as "Dance Dance, you can dance with me" Paul heard it in a jam they had and started playing around with his own lyrics, however it was decided that they would go with her lyrics on the show for their big debut. At the last minute, Paul did what Paul does( depending on who you ask it's either "shine" or "become a crazy ass and upstage his collaborate") and the rest is history, and now we have "Me and Julio down by the school yard" and that girl is still as dejected as she was at that very instant when paul insisted on singing his lyrics. and now you know the rest of the story.
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Nice summary, djduckie.
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I love Paul Simon's music, but he is such an awful dick. Someone already dealt with the Stevie Wonder (possibly the greatest musical number achieved on television). Here's some more recent stuff.

Feist sings to 4.

Jack Black is way too excited to find an octagon.

Not really recent, but Madeline Kahn. All you need to know.
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Man, do I miss Madeline Kahn.
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Well, now we have to show Neil Patrick Harris.
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