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The Sunday Magazine - Every Friday, David Friedman (of Ironic Sans) posts the most interesting articles from the New York Times Sunday Magazine from 100 years ago that weekend.

My current favorite is this one, detailing the capture of the international crime gang "The Black Hand."
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Great post. Ironic Sans is consistently great, as are old timey newspapers and their old timey lies.
posted by Optimus Chyme at 12:00 PM on April 13, 2010

Fear of Being Buried Alive is Groundless wins best headline.
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This is pretty great!
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swift: Fear of Being Buried Alive is Groundless wins best headline.

You can't know how happy my boyfriend will be to see this in print. Seriously.

Great post too. Thanks.
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Love this! Great post!
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Did all the pieces begin with interesting premises and transition to fluffy irrelevance back then too?

I kid, I kid. This is neat.
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I love sites that time shift like this. Was Pepys' Diary the first? Or maybe it was The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci?

They're definitely best consumed in a feed reader - it's just lovely getting a bit of really old news mixed in with the new news.
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This is fantastic—thanks!

"World’s Biggest Sponge Found In The Bahamas": Musta been a slow week...
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The biggest thing I got from reading a metric ton of old newspapers was, yes, op-ed columnists have not changed in the last 140 years.
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80 years is a more interesting unit of time when comparing the present to the past. There's typically a lot of parallels between 80 years and the present, at least according to generation theory. I think hearing about 1930 would resonate better today, similar economic climate, political climate.
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Awesome. Thanks for posting it, and for turning me on to Ironic Sans.
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Love it! Thanks!
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