Mathematics Illuminated
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Mathematics Illuminated is a set of thirteen surveys in varied topics in mathematics, nicely produced with video, text, and interactive Flash gadgets for each of the topics.
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My apologies if it turns out the video is restricted by region; hopefully the remaining materials are still worthwhile.
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Great stuff for a non-mather like me! I'm passing it around. Thanks!
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But does it explain how magnets work?
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I need this to prepare for the next school year. Let me teach now!
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griphus Or fuckin' rainbows?
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This is really cool. I found a couple of diagram errors in "Unit 1 - Primes" and sent them an email:

1) The diagram showing the arrangement of 12 pebbles in various ways has a section labeled "3x4" that actually shows a 3x3 grid of pebbles. The label is correct but the grid is wrong.

2) In the Fundamental theorem of Arithmetic section, we are asked to think about an alternate number system where the only building blocks are numbers of the form 3n + 1 (one more than multiples of three). The diagram showing the members of set S shows 12 as a member when in fact it should be 13. The accompanying text correctly refers to 13.

Nitpicking aside, I am really enjoying these. As a business programmer I've had no occasion to deal with math beyond the basics for many years (strange, isn't it?) and this is lots of fun.
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I'm still stuck on Stoke's Theorem. My mathematical Waterloo.
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Do I really have to drag all those little dots onto a grid? Can't I just draw the triangles with a pencil?
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