GAO to Cheney: "Show us what you got!"
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GAO to Cheney: "Show us what you got!" Ok, well it wasn't that dramatic, but this "demand letter" is one step away from giving the Veep a subpeona. Even right wing attack dog Judicial Watch is getting in with some hot lawsuit action.
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And to think that if the meetings had been held at Los Alamos, or if Robert Hanssen (sp?) had been present, we all would have known everything already. :-0
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Hey! Wait a minute! This isn't fair! Aristocrats and oligarchs are not and should not be subject to the same laws as us commoners. What are these folks thinking!? {note: sarcasm flag raised}
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go GAO! my second favorite government agency :) nothing like the investigative arm to inject a little accountability into the VP.
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Wait a minute:
He has also rejected comparisons to then-first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s health care task force, which received fierce GOP criticism for meeting in secret. “She was not a government employee and a lot of the people involved in the task force — that is, actually sitting in the meetings and making decisions — were not government employees,” he said.
So if you are a government employee meeting with private citizens, you don't have to share the details of your meeting.

But it you are a private citizen meeting with other private citizens, you do have to share details? That can't be right. I'm guessing it has something to do with the Federal Advisory Commission Act. Can someone give me a summary of what the act says?
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