Atomic Tests
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Atomic Test Archive. Histories of atomic testing by country, with video and photographic archives. The Information Films page is interesting: One can envision 50's dad smugly admiring his tidy yard through freshly vapourised retinas. Also: the one-hour declassified Ivy Mike film at the internet archive.
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Previous explodey stuff.
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Two related things I kind of miss in the new century: fear of instant death from above and existentialism as a legitimate philosophy.
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Duck, and cover!
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I stumbled upon a copy of this book when skulking through the nearly endless bookshelves of Chamblin's BookMine.

I flipped through it... reading...

I bought it that day.

We will leave behind a very dark legacy.
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I've always had a hard time reconciling the breathtaking beauty of atomic explosions with their horrific consequences. I remember reading somewhere that nuclear scientists often have a "favorite" nuclear test, and will post pictures of the explosions on their office walls.

Talk about a morally conflicted job.
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progosk: Duck, and cover!

...which always puts me in mind of The Atomic Cafe - now available full-length on YouTube.
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The National Clean Up-Paint Up-Fix Up Bureau?!

As Wikipedia notes, "The film [The House in the Middle] was actually produced by the National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association. The likelihood that repainting a house would be effective in protecting it from the extreme heat and blast force of a nuclear explosion is questionable, and the film all but ignores the status of the structure's occupants during the event."

Finally, something worse than a lead-lined refrigerator.
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