Doc Ock cosplay just got way more fun
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Sure, guys, that’s totally based on an elephant’s trunk, and not from an overwhelming desire to have the greatest Comicon outfit ever.
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I want to know more about the robot kite-flying thing-a-majing at the end there.
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Let's see it pick up a pie.
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Tobey Maguire sighting at 2:51.
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There are several statements in the video about how safe these will be for humans to directly interact with. Trust the robots. They are your friends and will always be there for you.

About half way through I started getting wary. I could totally hear the transition from R&D to an English-accented dispassionately sterile description of horrific events.

::biddy bop music:: "Hyeah we see the robots gripping the 15th ball-shaped object we've handed it. Just like an elephants trunk, it is sleek and supple, capable of many tasks. And now the robot rips off a human head with ease. It's three pads help it snap the neck at an optimum angle and it is even able to toss it back and forth like a kitten playing with a ball of yarn." ::biddy bop music::
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Man, these guys will be first against the wall when the revolution comes!
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The repetitive comments about safety starts making me worried, like a swarmy guy that keeps saying "trust me". The English accent is usually reassuring to this American, but not after after the frequent statements... it's as if he's trying to lull us into a false sense of security.

Until the green lights switch to red.
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Ease up. They also make the cuddly air penguin. What could possibly go wrong?
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This is going to revolutionize the adult entertainment industry. You heard it here first, folks!
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You know what else was totally based on an elephant's trunk? Hitler.
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Things I Learned Today:
  • "Biomechatronic" is a real word.
  • ...
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Yeah, I am imagining a poorly-managed subroutine taking over when some wit attempts to hand it a circus peanut, with sudden klaxxons and a soothing female voice, "Warning, surgical exploration mode ... activated," then something from Vivisect VI begins playing as a Stryker bone saw pops out, various shiny things begin whirring about as insectile retractors unfold and a variety of flexible pipes wrapped with electrostatic muscles slither impatiently upward towards the hapless demonstrator, making a slurping noise reminiscent of the little suction tubes at the dentist's office under the voice as it continues, "Subject deviates substantially from sample feline anatomy ... compensating ... locating analogous structures ... The Disassembler will break down and categorize even the most anomalous of biological samples." Twenty bloody seconds later neatly labeled bones and jar of various organs begin to clatter onto sample trays which look suspiciously as if they had been repurposed from a Craftsman tool cart.

I have to lay off of the Hardware/Virus double features.
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Um, that thing doesn't look very "robotic". It's just a jointed column with 3 wires that pull to control the direction of the gripper. The reason they're hanging downwards is because it gives the illusion it has more "elbow" level articulation than it's actually capable of. It really looks more like a string puppet than something being governed by a computerized control system.

I think the inventors are using the 3D fabrication machine and high-tech sets to replicate something that could be built from wooden spools and fishing line. I think they're shysters.
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I am incredibly pissed! First they build robots to take our jobs! Then they build robots to fight our wars! Now they are building robots to fly our kites! Where will the madness end?
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Mani-festo? An artificial hand?
Was that a glimpse of Callen or just another blue-eyed tech in the lab?
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Don't worry! It has a chip to stop it from turning evil!
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Screw tentacles!

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bonobothegreat: I thought the same thing until about halfway through the video when I realized that those apparently rigid "fingers" are actually bending and flexing in fairly subtle ways. So it's definitely not something you could make from wood.

And that kite is amazing.
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Re: safety for interaction with humans

I think they were making the point not that it's not going to harm people but rather that people aren't going to screw it up just by bumping into it. Which is cool, but I wish they'd actually shown people doing just that, a la those videos of that Big Dog quadruped robot where people are shoving it as hard as they can to see if they can knock it over.

I still get creeped out thinking about Big Dog.
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