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Follow the money attempts to detect and visualize the structure of large-scale communities in the US based on the flow of money using data from Where's George? [via]
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It's an interesting analysis, but it also reminds me of how uncomfortable I am with Where's George?. Not that I have any particular reason to believe that they would violate their privacy policy (and not that there aren't ways to anonymize any communications that I would have with them), but making transactions in cash is still reasonably anonymous, in a world that increasingly isn't, and the mild curiosity that I might have about which paths that my currency might take doesn't really mitigate that.

I should go on the record that I'm not talking about tipping strippers here. Not necessarily, anyway.
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That is so very cool.

I'm thinking it's been a long time since I've seen a bill with a Where's George stamp on it.
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Does fig. 2 indicate that people in Detroit don't hand marked one dollar bills to people in Grand Rapids?
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warbaby wrote: "I'm thinking it's been a long time since I've seen a bill with a Where's George stamp on it."

I got one just the other day. It's still in my wallet, I think. I have not entered it into the website.
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The video is a good introduction to what's going on here, with colorful graphics too.
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I would guess there are some fairly large effects of self-selection among Where's George? users.
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I wonder how these borders compare with the facebook friends borders that showed up here on mefi recently.
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That video is fricking fantastic.
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Not surprisingly, their map recapitulates the regions of the member banks of the Federal Reserve System.
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