Queer Kids
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WOW! Really, beautiful, but toooooo short.

I need things like this to exist, because things like the latest tea party thread exist. I don't know if there will come a time of tolerance and caring, i've given up hoping to see it, but for us who haven't denied and blocked out out adolescence, our childhoods, it is nice to see ways in which it is no longer the same. I'm unsure how far it goes, how widespread, but i do know it exist for today's kids, in spite of the more ... I don't know more something, but it was public then, maybe more 'defended' -- hatred

Thank you, Kylej

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I don't know if there will come a time of tolerance and caring, i've given up hoping to see it

Whenever I fall into this line of thinking I keep coming back to a comment someone made here during the run-up to Obama's election -- I can't find it in my favorites, I'd love it if someone else can dig it up for me... Anyway, whoever it was worded it better than I'm about to, but the point was if a black presidential candidate can bust a move with an openly gay talk show host on national TV and nobody even bats an eye, we're at least on the right track.
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It's Sharkey's night, tonight.
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Thank you for this, it was beautiful but too short definitely, I hope he does more with this project.
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This is wonderful. (And now I'm counting down until Ethan becomes the next Pitchfork darling.)
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Neat, and lovely photographed - as an Out And Proud Gay Teen I furtively read books form the GLB&T section of the North Brunswick Barnes And Noble (which, side story - was actually a good way to meet people) and for a while I really liked XY Magazine cause of all the pretty pictures of hapy pretty gay guys MY AGE ....until I sunk in why the photos where kinda creeping me out and I was treating it like I was reading Porn In The Starbucks : namely the fetishized, homogenized "youthful WASPyness" of all the models and the semi-porn sad-gloss. These however, these are just neat.
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Beautifully photographed, I really like this. Nice post, kylej. /Small nit pick with websites that decide how fast I have to read...I like to take in the details before and then again after reading the captions. I'd rather turn the text off if necessary than to have to turn it back on because I'm not done.
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Wow, I should not be allowed to type on a phone.
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The beauty of the photos made my heart ache. I was having a self-indulgently glum evening. Thank you for the post Kylej.
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This looks like it will be nice, but I just wanted to say that web sites which feel the need to change my standard browser hotkeys (Alt+<>, Control+Tab, etc) make me so angry.
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... okay, this is worth it. Go ahead, kids, push my buttons for me, I don't mind. Awesome stuff. Thanks, kylej.
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As the (very proud) father of a queer daughter who was an activist in high school, I can say that this series was very moving. . .I know these kids.

But not enough queer girls.
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Beautiful. Signs of progress like the spread of gay-straight alliance clubs in schools make me hopeful for a future where acceptance is the norm.
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Who's the most important person in your life?

That's a tie between two people... my mother and Leonard Cohen.
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I can't see it! And I don't know why! GAHHH.

As a former queer kid, whether or not I can see their photos, queer kids are welcome on my lawn any day.
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Yep, a lovely show. Thanks for posting.
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Awesome project. These kids can't be given enough of a voice. (I should know, I was there myself not long ago…)

But did it really need to be presented through Flash?!
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I'm in love with someone and he has a crush on me too but he's in a relationship.
Aw, kids.
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