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That’s so weird! is a Canadian sketch comedy series on YTV. Pitched at the young teen audience, anyone who likes their humour broad and zany will enjoy this. Some favourite sketches are Daniel Book (a 17-but-still-7 Daniel Cook), Logan and Wilf (teen boys parodied) and the Cafeteria Ladies. The show was recently picked up by Boomerang Latin America and Nickelodeon Australia. A whole new generation of Canuck sketch comedy takes off, eh?
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Oh, Daniel Cook, not Dane Cook. Whew.
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I watched a couple videos and almost laughed a few times.

It's always seemed to me that what made You Can't Do That as good as it was wasn't the kids, it was the adults. The new generation of kid-oriented sketch comedies don't have the overriding adults vs. kids angle that You Can't had.
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Cafeteria Ladies was good, but I still prefer old Barth.
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It's "You Can't Do That on Television: The Next Generation"...

So Canadian teen boys Logan and Wilf are like Jersey Shore dudes without the unnatural tan? I feel so sorry for your country...

Now, what would be good parody is Dane Cook as Daniel Cook, or vice-versa...

I haven't even thought about hopscotch for a couple decades...

And apparently the project to clone Jim Carrey (aka "AJ") was not quite successful...
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Having seen Daniel Cook far too many times due to kids, I like his version of him. He seems to be channelling Bruce McCullough's "Gavin" character from Kids in the Hall
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Daniel Cook looks like an amazing kid and an annoying TV show.
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I don't get this show at all. Neither does my 9 year old. However, I did think the original "Daniel Cook" was sweet.
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They don't care much for nuance or (especially) pacing, huh?
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Kind of like the way dictatorships call themselves democratic republics, TV shows that title themselves "weird" or "funny" almost always are not.
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One of the Cafeteria Ladies is named Hecate? And is there anything funny in that skit?
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Well, I guess it's great for the haters around here that they still have "iCarly."
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TV shows that title themselves "weird" or "funny" almost always are not.

Well, let's not forget the great Canadian sketch comedy show, "Bizarre." And where would we be without Mad?
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What I found weird is that I randomly encountered this channel-surfing, and I swore that I heard Australian accents underlying the overboard accents of the Logan and Wilf sketch -- and yet this is Canadian-made?
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