Dr. Zworykin's Secret Experimental RCA Photos
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The Personal Photographs of Dr. Vladimir Kosma Zworykin, Television Pioneer. The screen images are time exposure photographs of the picture on the kinescope in the monitoring rack in the main control room. Some were taken with stationary frames of moving picture film projected upon the iconoscope by a standard moving picture machine. Others are actually the pictures transmitted with the iconoscope camera in the studio and outdoors.
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And here we see the extreme opposite of Flash photo sites: "click here to see" links without tumbnails.
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That page is about as old as the photos linked from it. It's even got webring links and a guestbook.
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Did anybody else immediately imagine hearing the text in an old-timey announcer's voice?
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The Iconoscope Camera Tube portraits are quite striking. My favorites: Click here to see, click here to see, click here to see.
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You know who else was a television pioneer? Click here to see.
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Also, I like the photos.
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You know who was a great television pioneer? Philo T. Farnsworth, that's who. He's great because he was a television pioneer, but also because his name was Philo T. Farnsworth.
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Well, twoleftfeet beat me to the punch, but here, for your reading pleasure, is another Philo T. Farnsworth link. Zworykin's iconoscope would've been nothing without Farnsworth's image dissector.

so were all TV pioneer websites designed in the 90s?
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Old though the page may be, it's still a great find. Thanks, tellurian!
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