"The most intact, the largest, and the most ambitious tiki bar ever created in San Francisco."
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Save The Tonga Room. The beloved Tonga Room in San Francisco, long threatened with extinction, may soon be a City historical resource, giving it a fighting chance at preservation.
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Oh cool! (adds to things to show to do in SF list)
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As a place to go for ambiance, The Tonga Room is amazing.

As a place to get a decent drink for less than $12, The Tonga Room is abysmal.
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I'm surprised they couldn't save themselves at $10 cover charges and $10 mai-tais.
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I once made myself deeply sick on umbrella drinks and the "Polynesian" buffet at the Tonga Room. It was insanity, but glorious insanity. And I willingly paid the terrible price the next day.
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"If we keep open the Tonga Room where it is, we cannot create a state-of-the-art ballroom connected to other function rooms."

A state-of-the-art ballroom. And right next to that is the antique internet cafe.
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a menu, please
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Luckily, things are looking up for the Tonga Room these days.
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i lived on mason between clay and sacramento, the tonga room was the go go girl in that elevated neighbourhood, put a smile on my face most sunny days down powell
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We lost Trader Vics in Chicago and my trips into the Loop are just a little sadder now. Sure the drinks were watered down and overpriced, but they always put a smile on my face. I hate to see any tiki bar go away.
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Huh. I just went there for a birthday party last weekend.

I love the extreme kitsch of the whole thing. Even the music was pretty fun. But so expensive. $30 for a plate of below average (by SF standards) Asian food, not including the $10 cover. I'd go again, but probably not for food.
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It seems like there's a certain amount of whining from the redevelopment people that they're trying to attract "upscale customers," and that a nasty old tiki bar is going to prevent them from doing so.

"Horrors! Thurston! We can't stay at the Fairmont! They've that dreadful Tonga Room!"

"Too right, Lovey. Book us in at the Sir Francis Drake!"

The last time I was at the Fairmont, you actually had to look around a bit to figure out where the Tonga Room is.
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"You drop prices and pretty soon you have a Holiday Inn with RVs parked here, and that's not what Nob Hill should be."

Who's up for a roadtrip?
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Whenever I'm in SF, I keep TRYING to go the Tonga ROom, but have somehow failed every time. Now I've got to make sure I see it.
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Talk about government intervention. Can you imagine owning a hotel and wanting to renovate your divy tiki bar and being told "no, no, that was where my buddies got ironic hipster drunk once and now it's a historical resource! So, um, keep it open or else." I love the Tonga Room. I love San Francisco funky old stuff, I love my city. But really, forcing a hotel to preserve one part of its business and freeze it in aspic?
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The Golden Gate Bridge and the Ferry Building are publically owned. The Painted Ladies on Steiner have far more value to their private owners as they are now than any likely renovation.
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Won't someone think of the Tongans?!?

Ahh mattdidthat, I almost want to agree with your ironically sarcastic comment, except those buildings aren't ugly, they're just (like most of the older housing in SF) exceedingly poorly built.
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Aww, man, I was in SF last weekend, and this place is literally two blocks from the hotel I stayed in. Bummed. Didn't even know it was there.
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We lost Trader Vics in Chicago

It's reopened in a new location. I've only been for drinks and snacks, which were fine. But I've heard from others that the food in the dining room is still good too.
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Is Tonga Room tiki bar in S.F. worth saving? "members of San Francisco's Historic Preservation Commission couldn't agree on whether the aging tiki bar was worth saving."
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