Police officers in Columbia, Missouri shoot two dogs during a search raid
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On February 11th, Columbia, Missouri police shot two dogs, one a corgi, while serving a search warrant. One dog lived, the other died. The family, including a seven year-old child, was present during the shootings. Direct video link here. A small amount of marijuana was found, enough for a misdemeanor charge.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: this is not a good post for MetaFilter. A terrible thing has happened but a "look at these assholes" post is not really a good reason to post to metafilter. -- jessamyn

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This is terrible. But, it also seems like not much more than a "cop hate" post, so I've flagged it as such.
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Just sickening.
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I think this is the first time a video of officers shooting family pets during a raid has been publicly released on the internet, Think_Long. It's a little more than a "cop hate" post.
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This makes me angry but I'm not sure that this thread will go well or that is has any real purpose, sorry Optimus :-/

But while we're here: stop employing prancing tu-tu-wearing sooky-baby-wah-wah-bubs as police officers, Columbia.
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Wow, that's really disappointing. I went to school in Columbia, which is your standard liberal midwestern college town - I'd bet there is quite a bit of outrage about this there.

There's no way I can watch that video, though.
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The Phils are playing tonight. Think someone will run on to the field?
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From the youtube video description:
The cops bust in this guys house in the middle of the night and shoot his two dogs (one a pit bull that was caged in the kitchen and the other a Corgi) with children in the home.
one a pit bull that was caged in the kitchen

one a pit bull that was caged in the kitchen
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What? No tasers?

(I expect the outrage over this, will be much larger than police abuse against people. After all, the myth of "Those people" hasn't been transferred to "those dogs"...)
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It may not be generally known in the USA, but HRH Queen Elizabeth II never goes anywhere without a specially-trained corgi attack dog. Here's a picture of one glaring at the camera. Observe its splendid jaws!
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To balance out the horror of this FPP, check out this video: Sparky the Corgo does the kibble dance.
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one a pit bull that was caged in the kitchen

Maybe they were afraid the dog would be smart enough to get a knife AND escape the kitchen? And then with ninja-like precision, pick them off one by one?

You can never be too careful with those potheads, right?
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In other police/animal related news, this weekend Oakland police shot a confused fawn seven times as a threat to public safety, despite animal control being en route. Residents, including children, were present.
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They shot a Corgi? c'mon. I've never owned a dog, but that has to be one of the least threatening dogs. Shooting a caged dog is pretty sick too.
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