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Jim's Pancakes are elaborate, multi-colored, and structural. Who here likes pancakes? I love pancakes.
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The giraffe pancake pleases me in a way I did not know I could be pleased. Jim deserves at least five billion Awesome Dad Points.
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These are pan-tastic. Thank you! (Also don't miss the giraffe pancake!)
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Not Martha made giant flower pancakes on her blog today for Mother's Day. This is something I never would have thought of; what a great idea. Too bad I hardly ever make pancakes!
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See, that's why I wanted to name my daughter Pancake. Everyone's happy to see a pancake.
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"Who here likes pancakes?"

I like flapjax at midnight :)
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Excellent! I *was* planning to make some pancakes for mother's day (I'm having my mom, grandma and aunts over for breakfast). Hadn't thought of adding food coloring or making shapes, but I like the idea of the flowers in k8lin's link.
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OK, that crane is fucking amazing. Jim's daughter is the luckiest kid in the world!
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My mom used to make me kitty pancakes, with the whiskers and nose poured first so they would be a little darker, and butterfly pancakes, and pancakes with my initial, which she ever-so-cleverly knew to pour backwards so it would be the right way around when she flipped the pancake. They were magical and made me feel so special. Thanks Mom!

Plus she used to make pancakes for dinner sometimes, piled up with brown sugar and strawberries between them. I know now that those were the nights she got behind or forgot to take something out of the freezer. But to us those were extra special awesome nights!

Pancakes for dinner! Maybe tomorrow....
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That's a lot of editorializing for a FPP. Next time, try to keep your own opinions about pancakes out of it.

I like pankakes too
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I <3 this post. (I feel the <3 is appropriate.)
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When we make shape/letter pancakes, we use a turkey baster as the tool to deliver the batter to the griddle. Anybody else have pancake art tips? Jim doesn't seem to have any tutorials posted.
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See, the problem is, once my two year old has finished "helping" me mix the batter, we're all starving, and the pancakes Must Be Immediately Made. Now, I'll have to try to delay her with some shredded wheat until I can make a trebuchet or a Ferrari or something...

Also, they do in fact taste great at midnight.
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Well. 7:00 AM. Saturday morning. I have coffee. What's missing? Hmmm...

I'm so hungry.
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how much better place this world would be if every dad made special breakfasts for his child.

batter up, jim. batter up.
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Having an awful morning so this really cheered me up. To the wonders of pancakes- thanks!
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Best of web, for reals. The picture of his kid with the bridge construct means it's all worthwhile. Forwarded to my pancake-making daughter -- she's an aspiring engineer, and I hope this bears fruit.
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Wow. I bet every other dad on the block hates this guy.
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these are great - i have very fond memories of my mum making animal shaped pancakes for me and my sister (for some reason we always wanted moose-shaped pancakes - wth?)
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for some reason we always wanted moose-shaped pancakes - wth?

Because moose-shaped pancakes are badass?
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This is a truly inspiring post. Usually I see something cool on the web and think, that's great, too bad I don't have the tools or the skill or the time to try it myself.

But I have everything I need to become a Pancake Artist. Electric griddle & selection of spatulas: check. Squeeze bottle for artful batter deployment: check. Asbestos fingertips from years of working in restaurants: check. Tasty pancake batter recipe: check. Willingness to eat my mistakes: oh fuck yeah.

Breakfast tomorrow is gonna be AWESOME! I'm thinking we'll start with the pancake equivalent of Neolithic cave art and go from there to more complicated forms. I can't wait!
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Criminy that is a lucky little girl - looks like she knows it.
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Ok, I want us all to swear a solemn oath. A secret pact we will keep until the end of our lives. We must promise to never show this to any of our children. I could never handle the disappointment in my son's eyes when he wonders why I haven't been doing this for him all along.

I'm a pretty good dad, but this... no one can compete with this.
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I was thinking, "Ho-hum, overachieving dad, yada yada" until I saw this picture. No wonder he does it.
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My dad made pancakes for me every weekend morning from when I can first remember having breakfast until I was ten or so. (Well, sometimes he did waffles or crepes.) I always tried to dribble the batter to make designs and always failed. And I always wanted to pour the first one. I'm tempted to send this to him for the good memories, but I'm afraid he'll think I'm mocking his pancake making abilities.

Given that pancakes are one of the easiest things in the world to make (flour, eggs, milk, butter, baking powder if you like them fluffy), why do people use the mixes? It makes about as much sense as instant oatmeal (regular rolled oats take 2 minutes in the microwave. Do you really need that extra 60 seconds?).

I'm going to try the engineering ideas tomorrow, see if I can make crispy pancakes without burning them.
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I am now planning on making pancakes for dinner.
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So I emailed this to my daughter while she was asleep last night, and she saw it before she emerged from her room at 11:30 this morning (she's 17, and thus nocturnal). She walked into the living room and said "We're making pancakes!" We hadn't done that in way too long, and although the only artistry we attempted was Mickey Mouse, we still had a great time, and great pancakes with bananas, so thanks MetaFilter, thanks jjray, and thanks Jim's Pancakes!
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Would you like some more... PANCAKES?
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These are perhaps a bit more elaborate than the Mickey Mouse pancakes you get at Disney World.
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Pancakes are waffles for lazy people.
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They are beautiful, but I cannot abide cold pancakes and must eat them immediately after cooking. I could not wait for construction.

as for waffles -- they are dry, tasteless things that lack the delicious buttery flatness of a good pancake. That's why people have them with ice-cream -- the ice-cream makes up for the dryness.
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Judging from Jim's quiet cries of pain constructing the Golden Gate bridge, I don't think cold pancakes are a problem in that household.
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Pancakes are easy.
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I like flapjax at midnight :)

I'm more of a waffles at half past two man, myself.
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That bacon pancake picture is proper.
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I have no idea what you're talking about, so here's a picture of a bunny with a tower-crane pancake on it's head.

Man, I just wanted to post this. That was the title I was going to use above. Wee!
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