Thurston Howellitz?
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"The Kagan appointment means that we have entered a period in which Jews are equal members, if not actually predominant members, of the American Establishment... We're the new WASPs." Phillip Weiss continues, "No longer can Jews tell themselves, as my parents told me, that we are outsiders. We're principals in American society. We cannot claim the traditional privileges of a minority, to look out for one another. We have great responsibility for the whole society."
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Man, there's got to be a better way to approach this than a short op-ed. -- cortex

Are you saying that Jews are the new Cory Doctorow?
posted by geoff. at 7:31 AM on May 12, 2010

Why did you post this short and inflammatory blog spittle?

Probably because it's the best of the web.
posted by Jaltcoh at 7:32 AM on May 12, 2010

Are you saying that Jews are the new Cory Doctorow?

Kagan has inflamatory fair use opinions!
posted by Artw at 7:38 AM on May 12, 2010

the tag is wrong.

The op-ed is bad. The comments on the Op-Ed are worse.

This is not good Metafilter.
posted by Severian at 7:38 AM on May 12, 2010

We've had a jewish Prime Minister named Da Israeli. Beat that, mofos!
posted by Artw at 7:39 AM on May 12, 2010

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