One Last Geek Out
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After a two-year run, the final Kevin Geeks Out will be at the 92Y Tribeca in New York this Friday.

This Kevin (not to be confused with that Kevin) has previously Geeked Out on topics such as monkeys, visions of the the future, dummy deaths, and Vincent Price.
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I've known Kevin for a couple years now and he really is just the nicest guy. He's interested in almost everything, absolutely oozes obscure knowledge, and has a charming stage presence. He's given me all kinds of support in my own writing and performance career.

I'm sorry the show is ending, but you can bet there will be more from him in some form or another...
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I've been to two of these shows (visions of the future, and last month's "all stars" show) and they were lots of fun! And both involved a free foodstuff—always a plus. Probably my favorite way of getting in on some "obscure knowledge ooze-age."
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If you haven't seen his AMC webcast, it's great:
Lots of awesome info about weird and cool stuff.

Kevin does an amazing job of being truly interested in the subject matter, but also making it incredibly funny.

Definitely if you live in and around New York check out the show!
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