March 7, 2000
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I hope all the Californians that are reading this today have voted. There's a great site at that features a page listing all the top financial backers of the propositions. There are some curious contributors in there, like why are oil companies and public utilities behind the "try gang kids as adults and put them in real prisions" prop? There's a few dot com millionaires on the No on 22 campaign, and obviously a lot of tobacco companies want to see the cigarette tax repealed.
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Oh my god, I forgot to mention the Proposition Song at It is AMAZINGLY funny, and informative too.
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Speaking as a California voter, I must say I found them interesting indeed.
Not that the knowledge would have changed how I voted, but...
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One of my favorite bits of information was on Prop 17 (allows qualifying nonprofit organizations to receive raffle permits). Listed under "NO" for Who Signed the Ballot Arguments was "Melanie Morgan, Recovering Compulsive Gambler" -- yup. That's how I'd like to be referenced: "NO on Prop 22: Joe Utsler - Morally Questionable." Man was this an exhausting election! 29 things to vote on (I'm "decline to state" so I don't get to vote on the CC/CCC candidates), and almost all of them worded in terribly confusing ways. The only thing positive about today is that we no longer have to hear those damn Prop 22 ads. I hated em all - even the anti-prop 22 ads. I swear I heard one that was basically "sure homosexuality is evil but if their civil rights get taken away, next time it could be someone who matters." Please don't pander to the hatemongers.
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Well, it's sad to see that the "Orange Curtain", backing by the Mormans, and a very subversive television/radio campaign can get bigotry on the ballot, and see it passed. Ouch.

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