Paddle at the Point
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Last Saturday in Pittsburgh, over 1800 canoes attempted to break the world record for the largest single raft of canoes and kayaks. This time lapse video shows how they did it in spite of the weather...
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should read "over 1800 people", sorry!
posted by tss at 10:54 PM on June 8, 2010

They are ants, Michael. They are ants.
posted by stavrogin at 11:06 PM on June 8, 2010 [1 favorite]

Austin!? 2011 on New Year's Day! (or maybe after classes start back up.) This can be done.
posted by Some1 at 11:57 PM on June 8, 2010

I'm sure glad this had a Point.
posted by chavenet at 1:30 AM on June 9, 2010

You see? I keep trying to convince people that Pittsburgh is awesome and no one ever believes me.
posted by the littlest brussels sprout at 4:41 AM on June 9, 2010

At least it kept them off the streets.
posted by Kirth Gerson at 5:09 AM on June 9, 2010

Friends of mine were in that flotilla and said it was a blast. I feel a little guilty that I didn't participate or even bother to walk the three blocks down the hill to the river to watch them. Glad that no one got hit by lightening.
posted by octothorpe at 5:37 AM on June 9, 2010

The storm blowing in at 0:33 or so is impressively well-captured.
posted by palliser at 5:57 AM on June 9, 2010

I love this. I was born in Pittsburgh and like the littlest brussels sprout have had a tough time convincing anyone of Pittsburgh's inherent awesomeness. This little clip captures a nice slice.

Look closely... to the right, you can see the Monongahela Incline zipping up and down the hillside to Mount Washington. Great views from that thing.

Thanks for posting.
posted by kinnakeet at 6:19 AM on June 9, 2010

That was awesome. THanks.
posted by saucysault at 6:58 AM on June 9, 2010

I can't show my husband this or we'll be moving to Pittsburgh.
posted by desjardins at 7:41 AM on June 9, 2010

desjardins: DO IT.
posted by the littlest brussels sprout at 7:54 AM on June 9, 2010

Very cool, have a look at the Gigapan of the event, very "Where's Waldo"
posted by phirleh at 12:23 PM on June 9, 2010 [2 favorites]

Postscript: my aunt had the FTW comment when watching the video: "And god was not pleased!"
posted by tss at 8:35 PM on June 9, 2010

God must be displeased with Pittsburgh on a fairly regular basis, we've had four inches of rain so far this month.
posted by octothorpe at 5:03 AM on June 10, 2010

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