The Pipes, the Pipes are Calling
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In 1964, a group of men were bored,in their dressing room waiting for several hours between the dress rehearsal and recording of "The Jack Paar Program". Noticing a collection of odd steam pipes, their leader suggested they decorate the pipes to pass the time. Painting them and attaching fur and googly eyes, they signed the piece "With Love, From the Muppets".

The men were told that it would be painted over the next day. 16 years later, workmen who were told to rip out everything behind the walls of the sixth floor stopped to get clarification. The Today Show took notice and Jim Henson came on to discuss what he, Frank Oz, Don Sahlin and Jerry Juhl had done on that day in 1964.

In 1983, Jack Paar showed the closet to David Letterman on his old Late Night show. He said, "Now, I never won a lot of awards. But I have something that's so rare, and so touching to me." and brought Dave to the old dressing room to show to his audience.

10 years later, Dave moves on and the dressing room becomes Max Weinberg's until last year. The pipes were hidden away in a closet. When Jimmy Fallon took over Late Night (and, as such, most of the sixth floor), he urged NBC to preserve the pipes.

This week, they did just that. Through misty-eyes, Frank Oz recalled to Brian Williams the creation of the pipes while also lamenting that he was the "last man standing" from the group. During a ribbon cutting this week, it was added to the NBC Experience tour.
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That's wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing this!
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In related news: a new Muppets movie will premiere Christmas, 2011.
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Oh, I'm such a huge fan of early Oz and Henson work. Yay! I wish I could find the clips of some stuff they did for (I think) early SNL, I remember it being hysterical.
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Wow, that's so great. If I had been Frank Oz in that Brian Williams clip I would have had a harder time keeping it together.
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That's awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing this! :)
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Thanks for posting it. The last link doesn't seem to work for me... it just points to some MSNBC Sandra Bullock gossip (or maybe it's buried in there?... didn't want to watch "entertainment reporting" long enough for it to affect my I.Q.).
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Those guys were so incredibly creative they just couldn't ever shut it off.
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This is so nifty! I'd never heard of this before . . .

but, man, does Letterman come off as kind of jerky in that clip. It's like he can't wait for the old man to stop so earnest and embarrassing or something.
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No, it was just Bullock gossip with a smattering of other celeb stuff....they must have moved it.

New Muppet Link
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Sorry about the last link. It had worked for me initially when I previewed the post.

Try this one.

As for Letterman, I think he embarrassed Dave a little bit with the earnest compliment...and he didn't know how to react.
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All right, Mr. Fallon. I've had my issues with you, but you're all right.
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the muppets: "affectionate anarchy" (from the msnbc Oz interview)
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SecretAgentSockpuppet: They have the early SNL seasons on DVD now, which includes the muppet skits. (at least they are on 1st season), I'm sure netflix has it.
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The line for the Muppets 3D movie at Walt Disney World goes past a set of Muppet decorated utility pipes on the outside of its theater building. It's a very sweet tribute.
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It's incredible how talented those guys were/are. Thanks for sharing this...we all owe them a great debt.
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I saw that picture in the book "Jim Henson: The Works" years ago, and forgot about it. I had no idea all these preservation efforts were going on. I'm happy for Frank Oz for getting to see it again... in fact this whole post makes me happy.
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I did not know about this, brilliant, thank you.
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This is amazing. Thank you!
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but, man, does Letterman come off as kind of jerky in that clip.

Gene Shalit, even jerkier. But a wonderful story — of affectionate anarchy — I hadn't heard about before. Thanks for posting it.
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This is really cool and all, but what's with the lighting? It just looks like they stuck a grid of spotlights on it, and it misses a lot of the detail.
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That's great; thanks.
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All right, Mr. Fallon. I've had my issues with you, but you're all right.

I'm tellin' ya. Jimmy Fallon has grown into his position, and is turning out to be one of the more interesting people to watch. His enthusiasm is contageous, his writers are pretty witty (I even liked his LOST parody, and I don't have any interest in the subject being parodied at all), and he's improved dramatically from his first month on air. He doesn't have the same wit as Craig Ferguson, but he's going to be around for a long while. I'm sure of it.
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Going forward, when someone says that vandalism cannot be art, please link to this FPP.
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I have a really ugly boiler in my laundry room with a bunch of ugly pipes coming out of it. If I can convince my husband (and if it's safe) I am going to give it the full Muppet Treatment. I might even let my kids help.
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Great post title! Thanks.
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I lived in an apartment with an odd pipe in the living room, and our first thought was add more pipes, a la Brazil. If I only knew we had a proto-muppet.
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This is absolutely fascinating. Great post.
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MetaFilter (and, indeed, every single website) can always benefit from a Muppet-related (or, just a Jim Henson) story! Jim Henson has been one of the rare people who has made life worth living!
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...If I can convince my husband (and if it's safe)...

Then you have missed the point entirely.
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Those are the coolest pipes! I can't believe they just sat in a closet from 1964 until 2010. Seeing this made my day. And they're making a new muppet movie?! Truly it is the best of all possible worlds.
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Absolutely amazing post. On a side note, NBC either added "Ribbon Cutting sound effects" to the video with Frank Oz & Jimmy Fallon or they made an error in editing it. (Weird cutting sounds at ~3:15)
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utterly delightful, thank you!
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