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A short film about Malcolm Hardee's legendary Tunnel Club

Interviews with Simon Munnery (and footage of Munnery dying as Alan Parker, Urban Warrior) and Harry Enfield, and if you hang on 'til the credits, lots of short takes of interviews from an upcoming documentary about Hardee himself.
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This isn't a Goatse-roll is it? 'Cos I've been burned before.
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What am I supposed to click so this film starts?
posted by pracowity at 5:39 AM on June 11, 2010

That's brilliant - thanks for that.

"I once saw an act get hummed off - 250 people in the audience all humming until he left the stage"

One of my biggest London regrets is that I never went to The Tunnel, although it was by all accounts (inc in the film) a pretty scary place.
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Malcom Hardee - owner of the second biggest balls in showbusiness.
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"Parts of the this film have been pixellated for online viewing"

Well it wouldn't be Malcolm if he didn't get his knob out.
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If you squint really hard, you can see Patrick Batemen snorting coke in the background.
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I'm w/ pracowity, how does this work? (USian here).
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What am I supposed to click so this film starts?

Yeah, what are we missing here -- I see a still of the film and a description, but nothing I can interact with on Safari.
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Ditto, no obvious video link for me (in the States).
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Awesome, thank you.
This is rather good too, if you're a Hardee / Tunnel fan...
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I'm very sorry, USians, when I visited the page there was no sign that there were any restrictions at all, which is what I assume there are. I tried to find the Vimeo page for it, but it appears to be a "Private Video", which I think is missing the point on their part, but...

The Vimeo page is here for anyone who thinks they can get any joy out of it.

Malcolm Hardee
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It's here, apparantly. I'll see if I can get that swapped into the main link. Sorry for the inconvenience. In keeping with the subject I should say something rude, but I can't be arsed.

It also contains a shot of Chris Lynam with a firework up his bum, classic comedy lovers.
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That nice Mr Haughey has updated it. I hope it works for you, but if not I've used up all my karma.
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There was great bit in another doc/tv prog - a think that went out after Hardee's death - where he was in his boat chatting with Arthur Smith and coming to the conclusion that the London dome should have been just divided into four with 'Pub, Curry House, Bookies and Knocking Shop.'
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fearfulsymmetry - that was also the documentary where Mark Lamar tells the "PISS ON HIM, MALCOM!" story, right?
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Oy oy. Thanks so much for liking the film, really appreciate that people are sharing the film and are talking about it. I've had to replace my version of the film on vimeo with the trailer as we're currently in competition in the Film London Best of Boroughs Awards. We really need people to watch the film on the Film London website here. (Afraid it only works in the UK, will reactive my vimeo link in July after the competition)

and please vote for it too on the Film London page as it will really help us carry on with making the bigger Malcolm Hardee film

We have a facebook group too
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Oh, speaking of which, Mark Lamar tells the 'PISS ON HIM, MALCOM!" story.

Why, yes, it is the best Malcom Hardee anecdote ever
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