The Leaning Tower of Lego
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Famous Buildings and Monuments: in Lego ®.

From the site:

"Take a moment and have a look at each Lego building and monument below, and then take a step back and think about this: How did they do it? The sheer size, precise detail and the in-depth planning of each creation is mind blowing. This is Lego architecture at its best, when Lego ceases to be a simple kids toy and becomes a modern day sculpture."
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It's amazing what you can do with Legos.
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They're all great, but I love that the Taj Mahal has a reflection in the reflecting pool.
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From one of the links at the bottom, 30 Classic Rock Albums recreated in Lego
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nitpick: that tower is not Big Ben. It is St Stephens' Tower. The bell in the clock is Big Ben.

Also, awesome. Though does anyone else find it odd that the Tower of London one looks basically like any Lego castle kit?
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Was there a post for the lego sniper rifle that's been making the rounds?
I feel like there was, but can't seem to find it.

Anyway, yeah, you can make all kindsa cool stuff with those little bricks. I only ever made small multicolored castles primarily for the purpose of destroying them with similarly sized dinosaur toys.
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Despite how much I generally hate the 'look what I can do with Legos' craze, some of these are really interesting. I'd like to be able to zoom in on the Eiffel Tower and see how they did all that open work.

Waiting now for Lady Gaga in Legos.
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30 Classic Rock Albums

This word classic, it doesn't mean what you think it means.
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That one's been around for a few years, but I hear that it was recently dismantled.
I like some of the buildings better (but then, I'm a harpsichordist).
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Another nitpick. The longtime Lego-lover in me is duly appreciative of, even awestruck at some of, these, but the accuracy-minded professional insists I note this: the model labeled "Westminster Abbey" is in fact Britain's Palace of Westminster, aka the House of Parliament (including attached Big Ben tower).
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I felt saying that would overload my per-thread nitpick quota
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Despite how much I generally hate the 'look what I can do with Legos' craze


Also, how have I never heard of Atomium before?
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I've been playing too much Lego Indiana Jones lately...the urge to smash these with a shovel is nearly overwhelming.
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