The Italian Art of Living
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Sit back and enjoy the many Italian recipes Great Chicago Italian has to offer. This site will provide you with a culinary adventure into the world of Italian food and wine. Choose from poultry, beef, vegetables, pasta, and sooo much more. Looking to finish off that perfect meal? Try Adriana's Italian Gourmet Cookies. posted by netbros (15 comments total) 25 users marked this as a favorite
I was excited to see the Italian beef recipe, until this:

Slice beef thin on a meat slicer. If you don't have a slicer, get one.

Well, maybe another time.
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Thanks for this. I looked at a few recipes; the Rigatoni w/ Sausage Cream Sauce even had a recipe for the sausage (bulk). Bookmarked.
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i might have to have a dinner party!
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RE 1st link: He calls tomato sauce "gravy".

Go straight to Italian Food Forever. That's real Italian cooking.
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I have an unbearable craving for pignoli cookies right now.
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No beef recipe is complete without a recipe for giardiniera.

(That recipe is the result of googling; my family has our own recipe, thank you very much.)
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Great Chicago Italian Recipes
"The Italian Art of Living"

You know, people's constant need to define what they do as "the art of" is really fucking annoying. "The art of fabric stain removal." "The art of VCR repair."

The art of living? Seriously?
posted by nathancaswell at 4:09 PM on June 17, 2010

gravy and sauce are synonyms and interchangeable. i know several old school italian chefs that call their sauces gravy. i would defend the chicago site as it offers many straight-forward dishes that are within the skills of non-professional cooks. as a professional chef, i have bookmarked a few of them myself.
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umm, nathan, you haven't been to italy, have you?
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i like to sleep and i'm very fucking good at it... that doesn't mean im gonna start a blog called "the art of sleeping"
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RE 1st link: He calls tomato sauce "gravy".

Gravy is what Italian grandmothers make on Sunday.

Thanks for these links. I do a lot of the cooking in the ozzy household, and I do it mostly by feel, these days, but it's nice to see recipes for ideas of which sorts of things might go together nicely. The mrs does most of the baking (the sweet sort, anyway), and she's been on a biscotti kick since Christmastime. And I would really enjoy these biscotti.
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RE 1st link: He calls tomato sauce "gravy".

Yeah, fuck that noise...they'll also call any shape pasta "macaroni." Do they not know what words MEAN? /sarcasm
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What pairs with Schlitz?
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What pairs with Schlitz?

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