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Disturbing in so many ways, Tonetta, Toronto's perverse, scatological, current-affairs commentating, drug-loving answer to Buffalo Bill (with a mild side order of Iggy Pop) has finally released his debut LP. Limited to 500 copies, so don't delay!

(Any of the youtube links will furnish you with a sidebar of more Tonetta than could possibly be desirable.)
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"Disturbing in so many ways" doesn't even begin to cover it.
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Yay, Tonetta on Mefi. I love this guy. So much in fact I recently posted about 166 videos of his on my blog.

If you think he's simply a freakshow, check out this songwriting.
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This just blew me away. I am so repulsed (G&B showers) and intrigued (Hitler). The beats and songs are good. And he's a great performer. But is yeah, fuck. Well.
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