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Nichibunken Databases isn't a link that sounds promising, but oh, what a treasure trove of old Japanese art it is. Among the many lovely collections is the Japanese folktales in foreign languages, another has maps, which is probably easiest to browse by decade, then there's the picture scrolls (some nsfw), and also illustrations from an 1870s world tour. That's just a small taste of what's there. If, like me, you don't read Japanese, often you'll be going in with scant information of what will be on offer, but even random stumblings will reveal beauty and wonder. Just to get you started, here are nearly 800 pictures of demons and over 2500 floating world woodprints. [Note: Blue dots mean the material is accessible to the public, red dots mean you have to have a login to see it]
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More illustrated books online not available here:

Japanese Fairy Tales by Yei Theodora Ozaki

Japanese Fairy World by William Elliot Griffis

Thanks for this great link-- the crape-paper illustrations are unrivaled.
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Nice! Just the thing to waste a long weekend on....
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The last link in the post isn't working.
FIFM, please?

(this is cool.)
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Oh hey, so it doesn't. Okay, go here, click the bottom of the two brown buttons. On the next page, click the brown button on the left.
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This is wonderful. Thank you!
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Excellent, thanks Kattallus!
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Thanks for another wonderful post Kattullus.
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Very neat!
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Absolutely top-notch post, thank you.
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Oh, this is great. Yes, off to the demon pictures with me ...
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