I hope I get the opportunity to do Jello shots with Paul Krugman!
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"Trying to do something he knows he really can't do for no good reason tells you a lot about Peter Van Loan" MeFI's own mightygodking snagged an official accredited journalist title via Torontoist in order to post reports and interviews from the controversial G20 Conference.
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This and this are great. Thanks for posting, Whelk.
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Nice work. I thought the post on the protests was uncommonly levelheaded and balanced. If this is citizen journalism, I'm all for it - easily worth a dozen National Post reporters.

And this?

it's why so many people have trouble respecting this sort of protester, because you can't respect somebody who marches because they want everything to be better, sorta.

This is exactly my problem with the kitchen sink approach to conference-hop protesting. Well said.
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Yes, the stories from behind the scenes at the media centre (open bar!?) and on the wooly motivations of the protesters are very good.
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I need to make sure that Chris Drost, my photographer, gets as much or more credit than I do; he's insanely talented. Photos like this one or this one blow my mind.
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Great photos too by Chris Drost
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Ha, should have hit preview!
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And, in other news, Metafilter's own Samizdata has once again done nothing significant.


Unlike just about everyone around here...
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Great writing, MGK!
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Apparently there are boatloads of protesters at Queen & John, and Spadina & Richmond, all planning to head to the fence. Also the campoout at Allen Gardens.

Walking to work should be fun today.
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Very good writing indeed. Fluid and clear.
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The recent posts about the protest fallout have been really good.
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