San Diego Opensource Convention Ends With "Positive Feelings"

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San Diego Opensource Convention Ends With "Positive Feelings"
The conference included a debate (documented in real time!) between Microsoft open source---what's the opposite of evangelist?---Craig Mundie and the CTO of RedHat Michael Tiemann entitled "shared source versus open source." Tiemann was feisty and "baited" Mundie, who remained cool as a cucumber. I thought we could all benefit from some postgame analysis here... (1, 2, 3)
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Mitchell: There is a flaw in [Mundie's description of the relation between Microsoft and the wider software "ecosystem"], and it's a flaw of choice. Thanks to the good people in microsoft, a great deal of the data that flows is dependent on one company. That is not a healthy ecosystem.
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I thought this was an interesting story about how even though Open Source is cool it still has some growing up to do in the business world.
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Open source has a HUGE amount of maturing to do in the business world. There is no doubt. Why? Because open source based business models are relatively new. With some exceptions in the service world and most of education, "proprietary" has been a keystone of businesses of all types, from code to sauce to weapons to materials to fomulas to methodolgies... All secret and all MINE.

Open source is different. You give away the meat to make money on the potatoes. That doesn't make much sense in the old world of doing things, but in the new world, I think it has a chance.

The only thing holding back a flood of open-source businesses is one real, large success. With a success comes more experimentation and less reluctance on the part of investors and entrepreneurs to participate. With more talent and money comes a more "professional" product (and I mean more than just code--I mean services around that code).

Is it odd that I work for a "closed-source" but support open source? Heck no. They aren't mutually exclusive. For the time being, there is a need for both. Perhaps when open-source business models mature there won't be...
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Errr, yeah. First sentance in the last paragraph should read:
  Is it odd that I work for a "closed-source" software company
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