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The Amygdaloids (beware automatic mp3) mix neuroscience and rock and roll, and they're pretty sharp.
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They remind me of the less-weird parts of the Yo La Tengo catalog. NYC + Science +music=yeah, I kinda would have expected that! Good stuff.
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I heard the original broadcast and I was surprised how much I liked the music. I also really like the comparison of scientific work and musicianship. Glad to see the stuff here. I heard echos of Yo La Tengo too, but also others I'm not quite sure of. Maybe future commenters will figure some out?
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Every time I hear mention of the amygdala I can't help but be reminded of the nutty interviews that I heard years ago on Art Bell with Neil Slade. Slade was convinced (warning: 1995-era web design) that you could "click forward" your amygdala from backwards reptilian functioning to forward advanced human with a specific kind of effort/visualization. He may also have been using drugs.
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