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Flash Friday: Mardek 3 is an rpg similar in style and length to the Final Fantasy or Earthbound games from the SNES days. But that's not all!

The game is a direct continuation of Mardek 1 and 2, and a save game can and should be brought forward from the previous games. There's also an official walkthrough, in case you're scared to explore on your lonesome.

The games are created entirely by Pseudolonewolf, who blogs and hosts other games at Fig Hunter.

via Jayisgames.
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Work Project attacks!
Xedrik tries to run away.
Escape failed!
Work Project uses Missing E-mail Attachment!
Xedrik is paralyzed.
Work Project uses Pointless Team Meeting!
Xedrik is asleep.
Work Project hits Xedrik for 50 points of damage.
Xedrik is no longer asleep.
Xedrik tries to run away.
Escape failed!
Xedrik uses Follow Interesting Link.
Critical Hit! Work Project defeated.
Xedrik gaines 0 XP.
Obtained: Coffee.
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I haven't heard of this series before, so I went back and started with Mardek 1. It's pretty neat. The writing's clever, too.
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Oh, and to use the savegame-carryover thing, you have to be on the same site. So if you start on Kongregate, stay on Kongregate for other chapters.
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Just finished Chapter 1. It's a very well-made game, although Chapter 1 was a bit easy. The dialogue/sense of humor is getting on my nerves though. Then again, unless there's going to be necessitated grinding, I'll probably make it all the way through.
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When not accompanied by bumping, I hate necessitated grinding.
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Very nicely done, though it suffers from the perennial indie-game problem of being overwritten.
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I think this series is pretty great. It takes care of a lot of problems that old RPGs of this style had, although its inventory management system could be a little better. Still, great, old-school fun.
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This is pretty fun! I'm finding myself torn from Dragon Quest IX by Mardek.
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I haven't tried yet playing the series. I think I would be able to appreciate more the beauty of the game after I try it.
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This is a great game.
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Okay, I played through parts one and two and wrote about it.
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