Internet Forever OMG
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Internet Forever - a band who are nostalgic for Geocities. Modern webpage here.
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Wow This gives me pangs of nostalgia that I can't believe i am having. The halcyon days of the Web, I really miss them, <blink> tag and all.

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The Internet: reducing nostalgia lags by 90%.
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Menomena's website used to be somewhat similar with an old-school internet feel.

Warning: the Radness page may trigger seizures and/or migraines. I think the others are ok, but proceed with caution.
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Ha! I saw them play at Indietracks this weekend, and they were noisy and fun - much more than just a gimmicky band. (Though giving out a lengthy geocities address as their website URL did get an appreciative chuckle from the older folk in the crowd.)
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my day was made even before I read that it "is not meant to replace the need for powerful internet-wide search systems like Lycos, Infoseek, Google and AltaVista."
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Myspace still qualifies as "modern"?
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Slash as soon as I saw "Internet Forever" I thought this was going to be something about that awesome Hyperbole and a Half thing about how impossible it is to be an adult.
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If they want to increase their hits, they should really join a web ring.
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My favourite part was 'You can now add the band on Friendster'.

Weirdly enough, I was on MySpace yesterday and man, is it ever a poorly designed website to navigate. If only Bolt still existed...
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I like how their "modern" website, hosted on MySpace, is really not much more "modern" than their geocities one.
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i did one of these seven years ago for my band. sadly, for highest authenticity, i hosted it on geocities, and it's gone *sniff*
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Heh, I also saw them at Indietracks this weekend. I can confirm that they were indeed fun, and would add that this may be in large part due to the man with the moustache's exaggerated standy-uppy drumming style.

Dammit. Should have had an Indietracks meetup.
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I was at Indietracks too! We should.
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We should! Well, I'm going to be there next year ...
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