Oil Spill in Celery City
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Sometime Sunday evening, an oil pipeline burst over Talmadge Creek near Marshall, Michigan, spilling an estimated 840,000 gallons of oil into the Kalamazoo River.

The oil has now reached Morrow Lake, just outside the city of Kalamazoo. Cleanup crews have temporarily suspended operations until additional equipment arrives due to the extremely high levels of benzine.

A Facebook group recruiting local volunteers has formed.

The pipeline runs from Indiana through Michigan to Ontario, Canada, and is owned by Enbridge Energy Partners. Corporate news briefings can be found here, right above their reported record earnings for second quarter 2010. They are fairly experienced in this sort of thing.
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You have got to be kidding me. First we're running out of oil, now the whole continent is drowning in the stuff.
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Not The Onion, huh? And amazingly, unrelated to this.
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Interestingly, former Michigan governor James Blanchard apparently sits on Enbridge's board of directors.
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If the contractors maintaining this pipeline are anything like the contractors Enbridge uses to patch up the roads in Toronto after they dig a trench, this should not be in the least bit surprising.
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It's been a rough summer for the environment, and it's still only July.
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And meanwhile, there's now another oil leak in Louisiana, after a tug boat hit an oil well head‎ today (more info. here).
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Is there anything to say here but Jesus fucking Christ shitting prick fuck piss hell damn assholes?
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Astro Zombie has expressed my feelings on this perfectly.
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Lovely. Like Michigan needs more problems.
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I just found out about it. My girlfriend is screaming stats at me from the other room. I guess it's up to 840,000 gallons now? This is totally not cool.
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I got a gal, in Kalamazoo...
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Dear Astro Zombie"
that spell or imprecation should take of things...does it work for tornadoes too?
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I realize the Deepwater Horizon oil-volcano dwarfs this and the other new accidental discharge in the Gulf, but it leads one to wonder if there isn't something inherently dangerous about the extraction and transport of oil.

I mean, I fully intend to boycott British Petroleum at the pump and buy my oil from elsewhere (to burn and release into the atmosphere); and oil based products from elsewhere (I only buy my plastic products from FairTrade sources); and ride my bike to the shop (where Fiji water is magically restocked overnight by magic), but I'm starting to wonder if I'm not missing the bigger picture.

Excuse my sarcastic venting.
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From the Bloomberg report on Enbridge:

The record earnings for the second quarter were primarily driven by strong performance in Liquids segment and the continued benefits of cost containment measures implemented in 2009.

Way to cheap out! Bonuses are in order!
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At least pipelines can be turned off. Of course, pipeline breaks for various reasons (lack of maintenance is a problem, but the backhoe effect is also a biggie) are depressingly common.

It's sad that even relatively well run pipelines have a near 100% chance of at least some spillage at some point in their life. That said, IME, the small spills are dealt with relatively well because the owners almost always have enough insurance to cover any necessary remediation.
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It's lucky that the energy industry has only dipped its toes in the water of alternative energy sources.

The way things are going, they'd make a 'benign' wind farm cause hurricanes; a tidal power malfunction would unleash a tsunami; and solar panels would somehow cause a massive solar flare that would burn us all to a crisp in no time flat.
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I don't believe in an interventionist god but at this point it's like "fine you like oil so much why not be waist deep in it hahahahaha"
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Look, sometimes "life isn't fair".
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(but I know, Whelky, that you do)
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perhaps the oil will kill the carp in lake michigan....
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perhaps the oil will kill the carp in lake michigan....

Asian carp, HuronBob. Could you please use the preferred nomenclature, dude?
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The way things are going, they'd make a 'benign' wind farm cause hurricanes...

lolwut? The way things are going, you'd probably see a lot more of this.
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know what, joe... I wouldn't miss ANY of the carp...but, you are right, the real threat is asian carp (and chicago)
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Apparently the Asian Carp are actually quite tasty, if they don't smash your face up first. I don't understand why we don't bounty those bastards - iirc there's still a coyote bounty in the U.P.
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Hmm, I had some clever references to the '90s cartoon "Phantom 2040" BUT I CAN'T FIND THEM UNDER ALL THIS GODDAMN OIL!
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Hmm... Enbridge wants to build a pipeline across Northern BC to ship oil to China via Kitimat. The government and other assorted shits-for-brains have been telling everyone how safe it'll be. I wonder how they'll spin this.
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Hey metafilter, thanks for helping me break this news to my Michigan dwelling parents. Somehow they managed to not hear about as they went about their day today.
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Locals have been tracking events and web sitings on Twitter with the #riveroil hashtag.

Recent links from there (all URLs expanded):
Tracking the oil spread on Google Maps
Executive order from Governor Granholm
Statement from Obama
Reporter denied access to spill site
Wildlife refuge seeks help with oil-coated animals
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the battle creek enquirer also has coverage

the thing that really gets me about this is that 30 to 40 years ago, there were many parts of the kalamazoo river that were messed up with all sorts of pollution and it's taken a long damn time to clean it up - and now this has to happen

morrow lake has a dam, and it is a pretty still body of water, so there's a chance they can stop it there
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