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Mahjongg, a Chicago band singed to K records. has just released a new album, The Long Shadow of the Paper Tiger, following their previous efforts. They have extensively toured in Europe, and played at The Pitchfork Music Festival, but have not achieved widespread fame as yet.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: okay, I think this is just not going to fly. sorry, I tried. -- jessamyn

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Pope, you click on the little links and see if you like it or not.
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Let me try: X brand, which just released X product from X manufacturing line, is really great, though few have yet to hear/try/experience X.

I get press releases like this in my in-box every day.
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Well, it is a band I like so I tried not to editorialize too much. Their music fascinates me because it does not fit into any particular genre. It seems to combine punk and electronica mainly. I have no relation to the band other than talking to them after their concert once or twice.
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Mahjongg's a legit and somewhat difficult to describe Chicago indie band who has been around enough and established enough of a cult following that it seems completely reasonable to post about them here. Yeah, the wording's a bit press releasey, but it's pretty hard to believe this is Pepsi Blue. Perhaps one day you'll want to post about some largely unknown indie band, too.
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I think it's just that the post is written in kind of a generic way -- "here's a band, they have a new album, they've toured, they've played a festival but they're not famous" -- that doesn't indicate anything particularly noteworthy or unusual about this band. So it does sound very press release-y and can put one into an instant "what are you trying to sell me" defensive mode.

However, it's that very generic quality of this post that caught my interest, because I was like, "is this a band I should already know about?" So...well played!
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Well, I appreciate this, because they're playing a free show here in Madison tomorrow night and I've been on the fence about whether to go. Antidis, are they good live?
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escabeche: The "toured in europe" links are all live concerts from europe. The one linked from "toured" is my favorite. I like the live show a lot but checking out those 3 links will probably answer your question better than I can.
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[folks - threadshitting sucks. It's a slightly press releasey post. OK. If you think this is truly terrible, go to metatalk. Otherwise quit peeing in your own pool.]
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OK, mission accomplished, I dig this and will go see them tomorrow.
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I've always liked Mahjongg, and I can't even remember the name of the much-famouser band I saw them open up for back in the day (one of those early 2000s New York dancepunk/electroclash revival bands). They do a really great job at that one-song-we're-a-tribal-percussive-dance-party-the-next-were-ear-splitting-wall-of-feedback-and-screeching-tones-psychedelic-noise thing.

I hear their new album is a lot dancier, but I haven't checked it out yet. If you like them, I'd suggest you listen to Waterbabies (which shared some of the same members, but doesn't seem to be active anymore) and Cave (who just played Pitchfork Fest a couple weeks ago)
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Yes, the post is kind of weak, but Mahjongg rules! Awesome to see them on the blue.

For more background, here's an article about them that ran earlier this month in our local weekly.
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This post is going to change things and make them famous forever. I can feel it.
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They can't be that good, they only got a 6.9 on Pitchfork...

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