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The Sample Story of Rush by BAD II (with Pig Meat Markhum)

Pig Meat Markham was a comedian who performed in blackface on the chitlin circuit with bits like "Have You Seen My Wife?", "Open The Door Richard," and "Here Come The Judge." (Pt. 1, Pt. 2). Introduced to white audiences by Sammy Davis Jr. on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, a novelty single capitalizing on the new-found popularity was released by Shorty Long. Pig Meat then released one of his own, what some consider to be a sort of "proto-rap."
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This has been quite the YouTuberday. Keep it coming.
posted by TwelveTwo at 11:06 AM on July 31, 2010

Now I finally understand why Yosemite Sam says, "You notice I didn't say, 'Richard'?"
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That break is fresh, and mister funktuall is quite the teacher. Thanks SMS.
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Great post! I have always loved The Globe album and wondered how "Rush" was put together. Great YouTube breakdown.
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For like 6 and 1/2 minutes, I kept thinking "This better be going somewhere" but the pay off was cool. Downloading me some Pigmeat now.

I really love Big Audio Dynamite
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I was waiting for a Neil Peart reference, but this was surprisingly awesome. Thanks for the post.
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I'm almost delirious with happiness that somebody besides me remembers this song, 20 years later, and is still thinking about it. I don't understand what makes it so perfect. It represents to me an entire history of rock music that didn't actually happen.
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Mr. Markhum would do well to move out of his parents' attic, buy an iPod® and find a significant other.
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Oops. I am an idiot. The teacher should do what I said.
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This is awesome! I love how just..INTO the song this guy is. That "The Globe" record was great. I got it in 1991 after seeing the video for Rush on 120 minutes, I guess I was 13 or so. I did not know who Mick Jones was. I wrote him a fan letter. Man I absolutely cringe at what I must have written in that letter. Anyway thank you for this post, it kinda made my day.
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great song and cool breakdown for us geezers. thanks for the link... the DJ is a goofball but it's okay, he's really into the music. looks like he has 100s of similar videos.
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capnsue, we have almost the same story (except the fan letter part). I rode my bike to the record store and bought The Globe on cassette after hearing "Rush" on 120 Minutes. I haven't listened to that song for years, but when Peter Sellers came on with the "Yes...that's delightful..." part in the break I found myself narrating right along with him.

My favorite thing about the video was how the teacher was so unabashedly digging the song. He seems like he'd be fun to have a beer with.
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Wait, so can we list the samples that we know to appear in this song?

Keyboards from Baba O'Reilly.
Beat in the bridge from Pigmeat Markham (thanks to FPP)
"Yes... that's delightful" from Peter Sellers (thanks to AgentRocket. Google says this appears in a routine on his album Songs for Swingin' Sellers.)
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Wow, someone on the internet who names themselves with a portmentau of "punk" and "pink floyd" doesn't appreciate someone who is passionate about obscure clash b-sides and music production history, and instead thinks he should get an iPod and has nothing else but to comment negatively on his judgement based on appearances.

Seriously, punkfloyd, fuck you. There is a big wide world of music you can't get on iTunes, and there are a lot of people in this world with home studios and significant others.

This guy made the world a little bit better with his geekery, and all you can do is encourage consumerism and bland conformity.

punk-floyd indeed.

And your second comment only needed the first sentence.
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Did anyone else notice the "KkK" in the Laugh-in URL?
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Lip-synching the break in the middle is one of the best parts of this song.

Keyboards from Baba O'Reilly.
Beat in the bridge from Pigmeat Markham (thanks to FPP)
"Yes... that's delightful" from Peter Sellers (thanks to AgentRocket. Google says this appears in a routine on his album Songs for Swingin' Sellers.)

Deep Purple - Child in Time
Tommy Roe - Sweet Pea
Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight

Apparently, DJ Shadow also sampled a bit of Pigmeat's Who Got the Number for The Number Song. I would love to know who played the drums on these. They're incredible.
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I just listened to "Child in Time" all the way though -- what part of it appears in "Rush"?
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