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RACER is a recreation of a Wipeout-style racing game using "a modified vintage arcade machine, a RC model car with a wireless camera, an a self-constructed racetrack/game level made entirely from cardboard." [via]
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That's awesome. They should add a sensor on the bottom of the car that responds to "speed-up" or "slow-down" chevrons embedded in the road. If they could get The Designers Republic to do some advertising work along the sides of the road—perfection.
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That is a pretty cool implementation. I thought it was just plain, old RC at first.
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Yes, that's very neat.
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Looks like they used an arcade cabinet to one of the first 3D racers ever: Nurburgring.
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These people make me feel busy and talentless.
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Would be cool if this existed to drive real cars. You could outsource chauffeurs to India. There could be a "drive center" of people who just login and drive people. Take Oprah to work, park the car then login to Trump's car and take him to get his hair done. Then switch back to Oprah's car and drive her through the McDonald's drive thru.
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Oh man, they totally gotta do Super Monkey Ball next!
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I've wanted to do this for years. Seeing people go and Just Get It Done - awesome!
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Computer opponents would be awesome. Did they explore what happens if you actually wipe out?
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Nice. Now do Star Fox.
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Did they explore what happens if you actually wipe out?

I presume they hired a real robot lady to say "Contender eliminated"
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Hmm. I guess the video game part of my brain took over and pushed out the "projects" and "web" parts of my brain. I honestly was expecting the Roadmap link to take me to a map of the track. And I have to say, I'm more than a little disappointed that it isn't.

also, it's a boring track but I really wanted them to have recreated Talon's Reach
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I want a go, it all looks so cool. The crackling, distorted video goes perfectly with the retro aesthetic. There was actually a "cardboard city" bonus track for the EU version of Wipeout Pure that looks not unlike their track. Though if I remember correctly the in-game one had a lot more graffiti and a couple of ridiculous jumps that would destroy that car.

I wish Wipeout was actually real, if you could only find some way to avoid all of the exploding to death. There is a nascent Rocket Racing League, but I know that realistically it'd just be too insanely dangerous, even without the weapons.

One of my favourite things about the Wipeout series is the glimpses you get of the backstory. I can't seem to find anywhere that has actually collected all of the scraps of future history, but there were always little profiles on the teams and their shifting alliances, and the "current" state of the AG racing leagues that each game was associated with. For example, the FX300 league in Pure was supposedly the first official one for decades after people got tired with the corrupted and gimmicky direction things were going, and abandoned the major league in favour of running their own, back-to-basics races in the dessert.

I think only Wipeout 2097 said this explicitly, but I believe it's still implied that each game is supposed to be the official training simulation for its iteration of the AG league. I can only hope that it turns out to be true and that all of the games were seeded from the future in order to cultivate new and better pilots.
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Genius. And I thought road map was well, a road map too.
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This is absolutely fantastic! A friend and I have been making RC tracks at work and thought that was pretty cool, but now it seems we have plenty more work to do.
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I'd always kinda hoped someone would make a real life de_dust2 so I could take holidays there.
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