The Rap Guide To Human Nature
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The Rap Guide To Human Nature is an album exploring the theories and controversies of evolutionary psychology through the medium of contemporary rap, by a guy named Baba Brinkman. (Previously.)
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On a street corner in Oakland, CA, it's human nature to be Dancing in the Rain.
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I'm waiting for such seminal numbers from Polemic Frenemy such as "EP is a lie" and "Fuck the EvoPsychs."
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She's Ovulating is hysterical.
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Needs more magnets.
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I think here's a good spot to drop my friend's evo psych bingo

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11. The Evolution of Gayness 04:34

You say No Homo
I say No, Homophobe,
Get it straight, it's in the Chromosomes.
They say, But my religion says it's a sin!
I say: Ok sell your daughter in slavery then.

[this is good]
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I was expecting to cringe, but this is really great and funny.
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I really enjoy this and am sorry more people don't seem to be taking it seriously.
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It's kinda like nerdcore for the philosopher types. I like it.
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