Nettie Broomfield Ministries is kind of soothing to just have in the background
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The website for LA 36 Public Access [WMA plugin required to view shows] is where you should be when you want incredibly diverse programming to come at you right this second. And by "incredibly diverse programming," I mean "what the hell is this." Absorbing niche programming is offered together with some of TV's greatest inexplicabilities.

Particularly recommended is The Roots of the Earthman, a full-length movie produced by the Unarius Academy of Science of El Cajon (previously) without a script, starring cult members who "relived past lives" in order to bring you this historical reenactment. [Youtube clip of intro, 3:44]

Northwest Indian News, the Edison Exploratorium, Swara Lahari (Indian classical music) and Dan the Drummin' Man (blues-y '70s jams) are straightforwardly interesting. But LA 36's public access features gems beyond that.

"Shalom, and welcome to The Last Hour! Every week The Last Hour brings you news of Israel, the Jewish People, and how God uses them as His own prophetic time clock . . "

Junior Christian Teaching Bible Lesson is broadcast straight from the Uncanny Valley.

The Love Show brings you valuable lessons on Fear and Love.

Finally, put your hands together for The LaRouche Connection.
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(It does seem to play in VLC, without silveright or WMA or etc., if you dig around a bit for the mms: URL for each show.)
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What? No Francine Dancer?

Don't have cable, don't know if she still does her thing... but I see her scooting around town every now and then.
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I can't stop watching this stuff...Reggae TV is pretty incredible stuff.
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