Red Army Orchestra + Beat It (3LYT)
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Beat It, as performed by the (Chinese) Red Army Orchestra. Or maybe you would prefer 4 Minutes, or a little bit of context.
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Your "context" link is totally down – maybe we already hit it too hard, maybe it's just down. Anyway, seems like I don't really need context - this seems to make sense. Heh.
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No Waving Flag?
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"This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." - wth?
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I got that same error message, only in German. Here's another copy of the Beat It video, without the regional protection.
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I'd rather party hard in pyonyang.
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I'm sulking because I posted the main video in a MeTa comment ages (OK, days) ago. Well, not really, but I think the Tudou video host link there is still up if folks are interested, though not sure how fast it will be outside the Motherland.
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And a bonus potted bio of one of the 1920s founders of the Red Army, Xiao Ke, who died only two years ago after one hell of a life.
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It's interesting to observe the cycle of memes on the Chinese Internet. The first round of the Red Army one (it uses visuals from the "Long March Suite," 1976 recording, I believe) seems to have begun in early 2009 with a mash-up of Jay Chou's "Ninja," whose effect was not hurt by the watermark of the unlicensed video converter used by the author ( ). And even that video has a credit line dating it to sometime in 2007, so the basic idea was around for quite some time before it exploded into the public consciousness. Other mash-ups of varying qualities have been produced since then, Downfall-style.

That was before the meteoric rise of the portal-affiliated microblogs (Sina, Sohu, Netease), and I suspect that the rapid flow of content encouraged by the ease of posting (and reposting) photos and videos on these services is a driving force behind the circulation of the latest memes, and of the revival of earlier ones.
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